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Terrorists, a race against the clock, and a whole lot of action. With all of that going on, it's no surprise Idris Elba's new series is being compared to 24.

The Luther star takes on the role of businessman Sam in Hijack, a seven-episode series which plays out in real time as Elba's character is stuck on a seven-hour flight from Dubai to London with some not-so-friendly passengers.

The first trailer for the new series shows Sam's flight getting taken over by terrorists, and thanks to his experience as a negotiator in the business world he takes it upon himself to try and make sure everyone on board stays safe.

Every hour of the flight - and the series - promises to be action-packed as Sam first tries to make a deal with the terrorists, and then changes tactics by trying to outsmart them.

Idris Elba plays Sam in Hijack.
Apple TV+

We've still got a few weeks to go until Hijack is released next month, but fans are already sharing their excitement for the show.

"Looks really good! Can't wait!!," one Twitter user wrote after watching the trailer, while another commented: "Elba, growling. Field Smith at the controls. A ticking clock of doom. I'm in."

Many viewers have also started comparing the series to the American drama 24, which also played out in real time as counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer took on all the bad guys the world threw at him.

The series came to an end in 2010, but the fact it captivated fans for nine long years proves it used a formula that works.

"Missing #24 then this may be your way to say “Hi, Jack” Bauer again in a roundabout way," one person wrote, adding: "Sounds great."

Kiefer Sutherland starred in 24.
20th Century Fox

Another wrote: "24 meets Passenger 57? SIGN. ME. UP."

As if the action-packed trailer and mere involvement of Elba weren't enough to get fans excited, then we can also turn to the creators behind the series, George Kay and Jim Field Smith, who are no strangers to produce some gripping television.

Kay is the creator of the much-loved Netflix series Lupin, and he also worked with Smith to bring us the cat-and-mouse series Criminal.

Hijack is the first series to come from Elba's Green Door Pictures’ first-look deal with Apple, and he stars in it alongside Mohamed Elsandel, Holly Aird, Archie Panjabi and Ben Miles, among others.

Bring on the countdown.

Hijack is set to arrive on Apple TV+ on 28 June.

Featured Image Credit: Apple TV+

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