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I'm A Celebrity camp breached by plane overhead demanding Matt Hancock quits jungle

I'm A Celebrity camp breached by plane overhead demanding Matt Hancock quits jungle

The MP has caused controversy since entering the jungle

The I'm A Celebrity campmates were met with an unexpected sight in the jungle this morning as a plane flew overhead with a banner demanding that Matt Hancock leave the jungle.

The MP entered the Australian bush as the latest series of the ITV show got underway earlier this month, and his involvement has continued to cause controversy ever since.

Hancock has repeatedly been voted to take part in Bushtucker Trials by members of the public who are keen to watch him caught in some unpleasant situations after his controversial actions during the coronavirus pandemic, but other viewers are desperate to see the back of him.

The celebrities don't have access to social media while in the jungle, so they have no idea what people at home are thinking about their actions in the jungle.

However, one group of people sought to get a message across to Hancock in the form of a plane banner.

It has been written on behalf of all of those who lost a loved one during the coronavirus outbreak, when Hancock was in office as health secretary.

The banner was flown after a petition garnered thousands of signatures.
38 Degrees

The banner reads: "Covid bereaved say get out of here!"

The huge message, which measured 35 metres, came after a petition on the website 38 degrees garnered nearly 45,000 signatures from people calling to end Hancock's involvement with I'm A Celebrity - enough to result in the banner being flown over the camp on the New South Wales/Queensland border in Australia.

A spokesperson from the site told the Daily Star the plane was sent to 'make sure Matt gets the message', and it appears to have done the trick as the pilot received a noise complaint during the flight.

Hancock has faced numerous trials on the show.

Lobby Akinnola, a member of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, is among those who have criticised Hancock's appearance in the jungle as he commented: "Matt Hancock isn't a 'celebrity', he's the former health secretary who oversaw the UK having one of the highest death tolls in the world from Covid-19 while breaking his own lockdown rules.

"He's claimed the inquiry will set the record straight, but it can only get to the truth if it has the evidence it needs."

Akinnola explained that the group had asked Hancock to send over emails relating to the handling of the pandemic ahead of the Covid inquiry, and argued Hancock 'should be at home sending in those emails rather than being rewarded with £400,000 for not doing his job'.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/38 Degrees

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