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Kids Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mums, Not Dads

Kids Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mums, Not Dads

Apologies, pops, there's science behind this one and everything

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Every smart person in the world needs to say a little thanks to their mother because your brightness is all her doing, apparently.

Some people are a bit sceptical about the concept - maybe because their* mum is about as sharp as a marble (clearly not mine).

However, there is actual science and research behind this one. So forget those gender stereotypes because it's all about to disappear once you've had a gander at this.

How do we know this, you may be asking. Well, multiple studies show that the X chromosome is responsible for carrying intelligence*.

It is a matter of fact that intelligence is a hereditary component. But now several studies revealed that children are more likely to inherit intelligence from the mother because they have two of these chromosomes (XX) and men have only one (XY) - so they are twice as likely to pass down intelligence to their children than the fathers are.

Wham bam thank you, mam.

The University of Cambridge conducted one of the first studies in 1984 and found that genetically modified laboratory mice with an extra dose of maternal genes developed a bigger head and brain, but had little bodies.

And before you ask, yes they did try the same with an extra dose of paternal genes and what happened - small brains, large bodies.

The Mirror reported that another study from the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow revealed that kids' IQs tend to be similar to their mothers'.


Children* aged 14 to 22 were interviewed with various factors being taken into account, such as education and socio-economic status.

And the findings were that the best predictor of intelligence was the mothers - with the young people's IQs being around 15 points different.

And, of course, not everyone agrees, because there must be one furious father out there somewhere - right? Not forgetting that for everything that's said, someone must argue it. Just let a mother have her moment.


Anyway, this argumentative research highlighted that genetics aren't the only factor in determining a child's intellect.

According to Psychology Spot, it's estimated that 40-60 percent of intelligence is hereditary - the rest comes from our environment.

They are basically saying that both parents can play an important role in a child's development by building confidence, playing and teaching them new skills.

*Every time I had to correct a spelling mistake. Sorry, mum.

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