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Is 'Who Killed Sara?' Based On A True Story?

Is 'Who Killed Sara?' Based On A True Story?

The Mexican TV series is gripping and suspenseful, but how close to reality is 'Who Killed Sara?'

'Who Killed Sara?' is the successful Mexican Netflix series that follows a man convicted for the murder of his sister. But the plot thickens: he denies doing it. So, is he innocent and is this therefore a monstrous miscarriage of justice? 

After his 18 year prison sentence, he is released and ready to seek revenge on the person responsible for his sister’s murder. Revenge really is a dish best served cold…

Sara is a troubled character who is mentally unstable and suffers from schizophrenia and is a diagnosed sociopath. There are many diverging sub plots to this drama so it's probably best to start at the beginning with series one. 

It's gripping, suspenseful - so it’s no wonder that it premiered a third season just last month. Rotten Tomatoes have branded it a 7 with an 86% rating with critics praising its fluidity, energy and compelling-nature. 

Is 'Who Killed Sara?' Based On A True Story?

The series is a mystery thriller and is purely a work of fiction. For many who had hoped the story was grounded in some gritty reality, this may be disappointing. 

But all the speculation surrounding its veracity pays testament to the captivating storyline, brilliant casting and believable cinematography. Credits must be issued to the Director, David Ruiz for this spellbinding work of fiction. 

Who Is In The Cast?

Manolo Cardona plays Alex Guzman. The Colombian actor started out as a model for TV commercials, runways and was eventually assigned an agent. 

He is no stranger to Colombian television; he made his debut in 'Padres e Hijos.' Regarding 'Who Killed Sara?' he is sincere but evidently (and understandably) troubled by his subsequent demise and criminal conviction. 

Other notable cast members include: Ximena Lamadrid who plays the late younger sister of Alex Guzman, Carolina Miranda and Eugenio Siller, just to name a few. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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