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Jaackmaate explains why Machine Gun Kelly is the worst person he's ever met

Ali Condon

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Jaackmaate explains why Machine Gun Kelly is the worst person he's ever met

YouTube star Jaackmaate has described Machine Gun Kelly as the 'worst person' he's ever met, after an awkward run-in at Reading festival a few years ago.

Jack has made quite a name for himself since he started making YouTube videos back in 2013, bringing him face-to-face with some of the biggest celebrities in the business.

Now that some time has passed, Jack is pretty comfortable revealing that the worst celeb he's met so far is Machine Gun Kelly.

MGK has had his share of run-ins over the years, including his ever-evolving beef with Eminem and a near physical altercation with Conor McGregor at last year's VMAs.


After a backstage meeting gone wrong, the musician can now add Jaackmaate to the list.


The YouTuber was speaking to The Scratched Record podcast when he revealed: "The worst person that I've ever met is Machine Gun Kelly."

Jaackmaate explained that he had been in the guest area at Reading Festival back in 2019 when he found himself surrounded by a few famous faces.


"You shouldn't really go over - You can do if you're respectful", he began.

"So I went over to him and I went: 'Hiya mate, my missus loves you.' She genuinely does. 'Can I get a photo?'

"He had the spliff. He looked at me... looked down at the floor.

"I went: 'Is that okay?' and then he turned to me again and he went: 'Hurry up and take the photo, motherf***er.'"


Jack admitted that he 'didn't know what to do' with MGK's cold response, but did end up deciding to take the picture anyway.

"I was the cringiest guy", he admitted.

"He's there looking at the floor like this and I'm going [thumbs up], like a f***ing melt."

Machine Gun Kelly had no interest in taking a pic with Jaackmaate. . Credit: Alamy
Machine Gun Kelly had no interest in taking a pic with Jaackmaate. . Credit: Alamy

Despite podcast hosts Elliott and Joe's horrified reaction to Jack's story, their listeners were actually quite divided over it.

"I don't know what's worse, this experience or his music", one person commented.

Another added that MGK's bad attitude was "0 surprise".

And a third wrote: "That's exactly what I'd expect."


But others thought that the musician's behaviour was actually pretty warranted, pointing out that he likely gets asked for photos every waking moment.

"Why do we have to annoy celebrities & beg for photos? Leave them alone or be quick. 'My wife is a fan! Nice to meet you!' And walk away", suggested one fan.

"He said after his gig at that festival he just wanted to chill and asked all the fans not to be asking for pictures. So it's kind of your fault", added a second.

All in all, the entire interaction makes me want to curl up in a ball and have the ground swallow me up. So if you take anything away from this, maybe just stay out of that guy's way.

Featured Image Credit: The Scratched Record Podcast/YouTube/Shutterstock

Topics: Celebrity, Music, Machine Gun Kelly, YouTube

Ali Condon
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