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It’s said that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame at some point, but this lad probably didn’t expect it to happen this way.

Filmed outside New Scotland Yard, the unnamed man was caught on camera posing as James Bond next to the infamous police headquarters.

Unbeknownst to the wannabe spy though, his cover would be blown by a BBC news presenter who reporting live just meters away.

The bizarre moment was caught on the BBC's lunchtime bulletin.

Though he was clearly wanted to embody James Bond, the unnamed man decided to pose outside of the London crime landmark which more closely associated with Sherlock Holmes.

Despite this, it didn’t stop the would-be secret agent from making handgun poses and giving his best blue steel look as a friend took photos.

Confusing the literary character is embarrassing enough, but the poor lad was caught doubling for 007 by BBC News crews who were filming a segment for the lunchtime bulletin.

As correspondent Helena Wilkinson gave an update on the current situation surrounding allegations about a BBC presenter, the man was utterly unaware of his surroundings – making everyone watching glad he wasn’t a real-life MI6 agent.

Ignoring the bizarre occurrence in the background, the BBC presenter continued for over a minute without raising the alarm of the would-be spy.

It was only after the man stopped to look after his photographs with his friend, that he finally realised that his cover was blown.

Pointing at the camera, sans handgun, he laughed and walked away – possibly a little shaken and stirred.

The man seemed to be a little confused about James Bond's job.

Understandably, the weird moment has become an instant meme online with clips already circulating on social media.

One Twitter user even recorded the bulletin on their phone and wrote: “Obsessed with this guy trying to take a photo as New Scotland Yard and then realising he's on TV.”

Another shared a still from the Beeb’s bulletin, adding their confusion over the choice of backdrop for the Bond-eques poses.

“Keep seeing people calling this bloke’s d**king about under the Scotland Yard sign a “James Bond” pose, but a) the Bond gun barrel pose is one-handed and b) James Bond isn’t a policeman,” they wrote, adding: “It’s the Sweeney, or, my vote, Dempsey and Makepeace.”

To which a third user suggested that the man might be actually doing a Charlie’s Angels pose.

Whilst the unknown man might be confused over which character the landmark is associated, we can’t help but love his enthusiasm for the super spy.

Maybe he could use the tape as an audition for Bond, as we hear there’s an opening.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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