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Woman Reveals Thing James Corden Said Which She Really Didn't Like

Woman Reveals Thing James Corden Said Which She Really Didn't Like

The Shameless Podcast host claimed Corden doesn't have the best reputation

Podcast host Michelle Andrews has revealed one James Corden moment she 'really didn't like' while describing him as someone who doesn't have the best reputation.

Andrews, who co-hosts the Shameless Podcast with Zara McDonald, shared her thoughts about Corden during a segment of the podcast posted on TikTok this week in which the hosts discussed why 'so many people have an issue with James Corden'.

McDonald pointed out that Corden 'seems to be relatively unpopular in the industry', so much so that the hosts have previously spoken about the matter, to which Andrews noted he is 'not the most likeable dude all the time'.

The host drew attention to one moment which seemingly defined Corden for her, saying she'd seen him make a '15 second' appearance in a recent Kardashians episode in which he spoke to Khloe Kardashian.

She said: "In that 15 seconds he said something I really didn't like, and I was like James, come on."

The moment Andrews was referring to came during an episode of Hulu's new series The Kardashians and saw Corden reassure Kardashian as she revealed she was anxious about her appearance on his Late Late Show due to trolling.

Andrews revealed one Corden moment she didn't like.

Corden assured Kardashian she should ignore critical internet comments and joked: "Look, you’re drinking champagne at 4pm on Monday and you’re at work, we’ve won!"

Unimpressed with the exchange, Andrews claimed Corden should 'dial it down a little' while on television, adding: "He doesn't seem to have that radar."

Andrews also drew attention to allegations which claimed Corden had previously advocated at a Writers Guild Meeting that late night writers should be paid less money, adding as a result he 'doesn't have this reputation of being the coolest, most chill, nice guy'.

Claims about Corden's alleged actions at the meeting were shared online, with former Jimmy Kimmel writer Jack Allison writing in a since-deleted tweet: "I’d like to state once again for the record that I went to a WGA meeting for only late night writers, and James Corden showed up without any of his staffers to advocate for a lower pay grade for late night writers."

James Corden responds to allegations about Writers Guild meeting.
James Corden/Twitter

Fellow TV writer Nick Wiger appeared to back the claims, writing: "It was strange!"

Corden denied the allegations as he responded to Allison, claiming he went to the meeting because he was invited and what Allison had written was 'completely untrue'.

Listeners of the Shameless Podcast began to chime in after Andrews shared her thoughts about the Late Late Show host, with one questioning what was 'wrong' with Corden's comments to Kardashian while others vented their own issues with Corden.

Featured Image Credit: @shameless_podcast/TikTok/Hulu

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