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Jenna Ortega was blown away by bizarre tattoo of Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega was blown away by bizarre tattoo of Wednesday Addams

It went viral around the world for looking a little bit more like Samuel L. Jackson than the Netflix character.

It's fair to say the world was absolutely captivated last year when Wednesday dropped on Netflix.

Everyone was doing the TikTok dance, goth culture suddenly had a revival and everyone was talking about the hottest new show.

But the world was collectively blown away when a tattoo appeared on social media that seemed to be honouring Wednesday Addams.

It was quickly posted and reposted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, and many couldn't believe what they were seeing.

What was clearly meant to be a nod to Wednesday Addams looked more like a mashup between the classic character and Samuel L. Jackson.

One person on Twitter wrote: “When you get a pre-production tattoo of Wednesday Addams, after hearing Samuel L. Jackson is being considered for the lead.”

Another shared: “Welp, this was supposed to be Wednesday Addams but looks more like Samuel L Jackson as a kid… lol #HappyNewYear Squad.”

A third commented: “I think it's supposed to be Samuel Addams but.......all problem, all bad.”

While some believed the tattoo looked eerily similar to Malian comedian Grand M.

One person shared: “Looks smack like him but with a wig.”

Another commented: “Nah this him.”

Look, faces are notoriously difficult to draw with an ink gun, but this one looks like it should have gone through a few more drafts before it was put onto someone's skin.

It quickly went viral and you can bet your bottom dollar that Jenna Ortega, who portrayed Wednesday in the Netflix series, also saw it.

Wednesday is really very happy about the show's return.

When asked about it by Elle magazine, the actor said: "Oh my God...I almost made it my profile photo."

To be fair, that would have been hilarious.

At least she chose to see the fun and funny side of the viral tattoo.

Interestingly, in that very same interview it was revealed Ortega is introverted and finds the large-scale celebrity status she's earned through Wednesday, Scream, You and other projects has been fairly full on.

She said: “All the other side stuff that comes with my job, sometimes it makes it feel like it’s almost not worth it.

"I don’t want to feel like a walking billboard, which is a really, really scary feeling because then you feel less and less in control of your life.

"I feel like I’ve seen a lot of people or know people who have succumbed to that pressure. I don’t want to belong to anyone or anything.”

But, she still finds the tattoo brilliant.

Featured Image Credit: wiz fajita/Twitter. Netflix

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