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Jennifer Coolidge says Shotgun Wedding director was 'very worried' about her using an AK-47

Jennifer Coolidge says Shotgun Wedding director was 'very worried' about her using an AK-47

The star says it was a 'fun' and 'powerful' scene to be part of

Jennifer Coolidge has revealed the crew on the set of her latest flick Shotgun Wedding were ‘worried’ about one particular scene she took part in.

Coolidge, who recently scooped a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The White Lotus, stars in the new romantic comedy alongside Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel and Lenny Kravitz. You can see a trailer here:

The movie centres on couple Darcy (played by JLo) and Tom (played by Duhamel) who are set to enjoy their dream big day alongside their - lovable but slightly kooky - families.

Shortly after landing at their idly destination, the entire wedding party is taken hostage by a gang of masked villains, which is one way to put a dampener on your nuptials.

In one scene, Coolidge, who plays Tom’s mum Carol, manages to get hold of an AK-47 and cause all kinds of chaos by firing it off.

But in a recent interview with Metro the star revealed that the production team were a little bit apprehensive about her wielding an AK-47, which - to be fair - seems like a fairly reasonable thing to be concerned about.

Jennifer Coolidge in Shotgun Wedding.
Amazon Prime Video

She said: “They were very worried about me and the AK-47 that I was handling.”

To which her co-star Steve Coulter joked: “It was well-founded concern.”

Revealing more about how she pulled off the stunt, she added: “It was many, many, many weeks with the gun man … the guy who handles all the guns.

“He was so meticulous about how I was supposed to handle it, each day we’d just do a little more. So, when I finally got to do the scene, it was very easy to do.

“We’re not using real ammunition but things can go wrong, and he just made sure that there was no possibility of anything going wrong.”

Coolidge said it was 'fun' to be able to fire a gun in her latest movie.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Coolidge went on to say it was ‘powerful’ being a woman who got to use a gun in a movie as it’s usually left to the blokes.

“I’m now a full studied person,” she continued. “I got my graduate degree in gun study.

“But it’s very powerful to be a girl [with the gun] in a movie, it was fun. They usually let the guys do it.”

If you fancy seeing Coolidge with her AK-47 - and let’s face it, who doesn't? - then Shotgun Wedding is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from 27 January.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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