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Jennifer Lawrence revealed she had a 'violent' reaction after she finished filming her Hot Ones interview.

A whole bunch of A-lister celebs have taken on the infamous spicy wing challenge all with varying levels of spice tolerance, but it seems the 32-year-old Hunger Games star definitely struggled.

Lawrence was left quite literally crying out in agony as she munched her way up the Scoville scale with the dreaded chicken wings of death.

Now that's a face of pure regret.
YouTube/First We Feast

Lawrence appeared in an extremely entertaining episode of First We Feast's YouTube series Hot Ones last week (22 June) to promote her latest film, No Hard Feelings.

The comedy stars Andrew Feldman who takes on the role of an introverted 19-year-old whose parents hire Maddie Barker (Lawrence) to ramp him up and prepare him for college.

In the interview, the actor can be seen with tears streaming down her face with an equally runny nose as she cried out to host Sean Evans: "I feel like I'm gonna die!"

Tears streamed down Lawrence's face as she climbed the Scoville heat scale.
YouTube/First We Feast

Well, considering the spiciest wing in the rundown ranked at a whopping 135,600 Scoville heat rating - I'm not surprised.

Things initially started out fairly okay but the interview took a dramatic turn when Lawrence bit into a wing drenched in the Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce.

"Oh, good heavens. Oh my God," she said immediately after tucking into the peppery portion.

Evans informed Lawrence, who was now whimpering and fanning her face: "So, what you just ate is the hottest, most disgusting hot sauce in the world."

"Nothing helps!" she exclaimed after taking a huge swig from a jug of iced water.

There was clearly no sign of the heat dying down, with Lawrence adding: "I feel like I’m gonna die. Have you ever had anybody act like this?"

And the fiery reaction didn't stop there as Lawrence later revealed exactly what went down when the cameras stopped rolling after the interview.

Lawrence revealed she 'violently' vomited after the interview.
YouTube/First We Feast

Heads up - it's not a pretty image.

Discussing the interview, which has since clocked up over seven million views on the platform, Lawrence told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live the aftermath of the ordeal.

Clearly not able to stomach the red-hot grub, the Academy Award–winning actor was left with no choice but to vomit the wings back up.

She told Cohen: "I passionately threw up after. Violently."

The American Hustle star went on to reveal she barely made it to her room before the puking fiasco began.

"I made it upstairs to my suite. My holding suite," Lawrence went on.

"We shot at the Four Seasons downstairs. My stomach gave me, like, eight minutes to get upstairs and then she… She… [vomited]."


No Hard Feelings was released in theatres last week (21 June).

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/First We Feast

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