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People can’t believe how casual Jeremy Clarkson is when losing control of car at 120mph

People can’t believe how casual Jeremy Clarkson is when losing control of car at 120mph

The TV host didn't lose his cool despite the scary situation

A resurfaced Top Gear clip has left fans in stitches after seeing how calmly Jeremy Clarkson deals with losing control of a car driving 120 miles per hour. I know you’re dying to see it, so here you go:


In the clip, Clarkson can be seen taking part in a test drive in a BMW M135 against a Golf GTI and is hurtling around a track at great speed in what appears to be pretty rainy conditions. 

Things start off well enough, but as soon as the car reaches 120mph, Clarkson suddenly loses control of the car - not that you’d know by looking at his first. 

As the car starts to slide, Clarkson lets out a couple of swear words but still manages to calmly drift to a stop on the grass at the side. Nicely done. 

He then turns to the camera and explains: “Yeah, you see the Golf won that because this… well it lost control, that’s what happened there. Wooh.”

Clarkson was traveling at 120 mph in the car when it lost control.

The clip has been shared on a popular meme page where it left Instagram users shocked by his super-chilled reaction to the situation.

One person said: “He’s just checking behind him to make sure the cameraman’s catching it all.”

Another commented: “It’s the nose wipe that gets me," while a third person wrote: “He was driving in a straight line at the time. That’s what made it so scary.”

Someone else appeared to think it wasn’t too big a deal, adding: “I mean, there's nothing he could do. Might as well stay calm.”

Hmm not sure that’s quite how I’d feel in the moment, to be honest with you. 

Others reckoned his experience behind the wheel left him in good stead, commenting: “Real drivers see the road ahead in this call all around. He knew he was good.”

With another saying: “Because you’re supposed to do that, if you start panicking and twisting the wheel to try to correct it then you’re gonna crash.”

The former Top Gear host didn't seem phased by the situation at all.

Last month, it emerged that Clarkson’s The Grand Tour co-star James May was hospitalised after crashing into a wall at 75mph for a stunt on the hit Amazon Prime Series.

The 59-year-old was reportedly driving a rally car at the time alongside his long-standing co-hosts Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

May lost control in his Mitsubishi Lancer Eco 8, and 'smashed his head quite hard in the impact, and was bloodied by it'.

Thankfully, May avoided serious injury, and managed to walk away from the scary incident having 'broke at least one rib', following medical examination.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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