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‘Disgusted’ Clarkson’s Farm viewers call for official investigation over council’s ‘cartel like behaviour’

‘Disgusted’ Clarkson’s Farm viewers call for official investigation over council’s ‘cartel like behaviour’

Jeremy Clarkson fans are lashing out at his local council

Jeremy Clarkson has got a gang of fans rallying against West Oxfordshire District Council after tuning in to the new season of Clarkson's Farm.

Diddly Squat Farm has had a heap of issues with the local council ever since Clarkson launched the passion project in 2020.

Having watched the former Top Gear presenter butt heads with the local council time and time again in the first series of Clarkson's Farm, viewers are now calling for a formal investigation into the WODC's 'cartel-like' behaviour.

When Clarkson's Farm first dropped on Amazon Prime Video back in 2021, footfall in Diddly Squat farm sky-rocketed.

On some days, hundreds of cars would pull up and park in fields just to take a look at the Cotswolds farm.

But Clarkson's attraction seems to have really wound up locals from day one, since every time he tries to make some additions to the property - whether it be for parking spaces, toilets or dining tables - he is swiftly rejected or threatened by the WODC.

The recently released season two of Clarkson's Farm sees Clarkson got head-to-head with the council after deciding to open his restaurant.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host had to fight tooth and nail to convert the farm's lambing barn into an eatery, where he planned to serve local produce to visitors.

Eventually, Clarkson settled on setting up the restaurant in an abandoned barn on the land, since its size and age meant he didn't need to seek out planning permission from the council.

Jeremy Clarkson is back for a second season.
Amazon Prime

After a whole lot of bumps in the road, Clarkson and the team finally managed to get the restaurant up and running - but not without one final dramatic technical fault on opening day.

The host has also had trouble trying to set up an al fresco dining area outside the Diddly Squat Shop, with the WODC accusing him of breaching planning laws last August.

The council gave Clarkson just six weeks to gut all outdoor dining tables, mobile toilets, and landscaping materials, and to stop selling products that hadn't been produced on the farm or within a 16-mile radius of it.

Now fans, who are watching the drama unfold all over again on Amazon Prime Video, are seething with rage and calling for an official investigation into the local council.

Some fans have even compared the council's treatment of Diddly Squat Farm as 'cartel like behaviour'.

Life doesn't get much easier on the farm for Clarkson and co in season two.
Prime Video

"I think there genuinely needs to be an investigation into the practices of the West Oxfordshire District Council Planning cartel," tweeted one furious viewer. "Shameful, disgusting and just downright wrong behaviour."

Another complained that the way British farmers are being 'mistreated' was 'incredibly appalling' to see.

"So pleased to see Jeremy exposing the corruption, hurdles and foul play that goes on in an industry that is already on its knees," commented a third. "Our local councils really are on a different planet."

LADbible has reached out to a the WODC for comment.

You can watch the second season of Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video now.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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