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Diddly Squat neighbours back Jeremy Clarkson plans as farm shop becomes 'danger to children'

Diddly Squat neighbours back Jeremy Clarkson plans as farm shop becomes 'danger to children'

Jeremy Clarkson's plans for a new car park have the backing of his neighbours who worry that all the cars are dangerous

Jeremy Clarkson's neighbours have spoken out in support of his plans to build a car park at Diddly Squat Farm after voicing concerns that the sheer volume of visitors is posing a danger to local children.

One of the main struggles Clarkson faced during the second season of Clarkson's Farm was his struggle to get permission to build a car park and restaurant at his farm.

Although denied by West Oxfordshire District Council, Clarkson has since appealed against the decisions and a planning meeting has been held over multiple days to judge his appeal.

While Clarkson himself did not attend, Clarkson's Farm regular Charlie Ireland was in attendance and was among those making the case for Diddly Squat's expansion.

Clarkson later said that while it may 'sound like a civil war is raging', he was confident that the process would end with a compromise being reached, so perhaps he'll get some of what he wants.

Jeremy Clarkson did not attend the appeal hearing last week, but said a compromise would be reached.

Several locals have spoken out in support of Clarkson's plans for a car park after saying there is a danger posed to schoolchildren in the area.

Clarkson wants to use a field next to the farm shop as a car park with capacity for around 70 vehicles, and locals have complained about 'hordes of petrolheads' visiting Diddly Squat and having to park their cars all down the road.

Planning documents for the car park show that neighbours to Diddly Squat Farm are asking West Oxfordshire District Council to give the plans the green light because so many visitors have nowhere to park and it's causing safety issues.

Families doing the school run say that they often have 'nowhere to go' on the road crowded by visitors to Clarkson's farm, with one neighbour saying that she had to 'crash into a hedge' to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

Many of Clarkson's neighbours says they have 'absolutely no objection' to him developing his farm and particularly want the council to allow him to build a car park.

One said that, on several occasions, they'd 'not been able to get to and from the school' because visitors to Diddly Squat have parked both sides of the verges' and there's not enough space to drive through.

Neighbours of Jeremy Clarkson have urged the council to let him build a car park at Diddly Squat Farm.

They said: "Just last week a mini bus drove around a parked coach onto my side of the road and I had to drive into the hedge to avoid being hit by the mini bus head on.

"My children were in the car on the way home from school and shaken up - the mini bus driver did not stop to check us. Thankfully we were all OK and my husband repaired our car."

"Mr Clarkson needs permission for a car park as the parking on the road and verges is a massive safety risk."

Another neighbour said they could 'not get through because of cars parked both sides' and that 'the only solution is to allow him the car park'.

Others said the 'car parking situation is horrific' and that 'should most definitely be granted, the sooner the better', while someone else said that they saw the Diddly Squat Farm team 'trying to encourage visitors' to park safer but this was simply 'not possible' because of the sheer volume of visitors.

The council had previously blocked Clarkson's bid for a car park as it was deemed to be 'visually intrusive' on an area of outstanding natural beauty, and they have also urged people not to park on the A361 road as 'it's just too dangerous'.

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