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James May wouldn't consider doing The Grand Tour without Jeremy Clarkson and will not move networks

James May wouldn't consider doing The Grand Tour without Jeremy Clarkson and will not move networks

After travelling the world, James May has revealed The Grand Tour will come to an end after the final three specials.

James May stated that he wouldn't consider doing The Grand Tour without Jeremy Clarkson.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Clarkson was ‘parting ways’ with Prime Video after his controversial article about Meghan Markle, with Variety citing sources who said the streamer wouldn't be working with Clarkson beyond seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson's Farm that had already been commissioned.

Clarkson had made reference to the 'shame' scene in Game of Thrones before the column was removed from the Sun's website and the presenter made a public apology.

Now, speaking to LADbible, May said that he wouldn't want the series would not continue without its fabled motor mouth.

Clarkson and Amazon have parted ways.
Prime Video

“I don't think anybody would want to see it,” May confessed, “I don't think they'd want to see any two of us try and carry on the thing that the three of us are known for together.”

When asked about the show possibly moving platforms, the TV personality revealed that it would be unlikely and put the brakes on any hope for fans.

“I doubt it. To be honest, I think the really difficult bit in TV, films, showbiz, you know, all that stuff is, is knowing when to stop. And most people don't.

“Most people keep going until they fly into a cliff….what you should try and do is land it and walk away. And I hope we can do that.”

Joking that the cast was 'knocking on a bit', he added: “It just wouldn't be as good, to be honest, so, quit while you're ahead. If indeed, we are ahead.”

It echoes comments the presenter has made about the series coming to it's 'natural end'.

He recently told the Radio Times: "No one has told us to go away. It's reaching its natural end, like parties do. There comes a point at 4am when it is over."

While The Grand Tour might be coming to the end of the road, there are still a few final trips for the motoring trio left.

James May has revealed the Grand Tour will come to an end.
Prime Video

Released on June 16, The Grand Tour: Eurocrash will see Clarkson, May and Hammond reunite as they embark on a new adventure through Eastern Europe.

Starting in Gdansk, Poland, the trio make the 1,400-mile journey through Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

If that wasn't enough, their route is made even more difficult thanks to the presenters’, um, less than suitable cars, with James May revealing that it was his ‘worst car’ by ‘miles and miles’.

The trio also undertake some intense challenges too, including racing Soviet-era F1 cars, visiting the prison camp made famous in The Great Escape and having to shift gears to avoid the world’s deadliest archers in an epic car chase.

The upcoming episode sees the trio try to evade archers during an epic car chase.
Prime Video

A must-watch for petrolheads and those who prefer to live life in the slow lane, the Prime Video special will be one of the last outings for the former Top Gear hosts.

You can catch The Grand Tour: Eurocrash on Prime Video from June 16 onwards.

LADbible has reached out to Prime Video for comment.

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