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John Oliver was shocked that his ‘joke’ about the Queen’s death was censored in the UK

John Oliver was shocked that his ‘joke’ about the Queen’s death was censored in the UK

The comedian opened up about Sky censoring his jokes about the UK’s ‘weird response’ to the late monarch.

Comedian John Oliver was baffled after his 'joke' about the Queen dying were cut from the UK broadcast of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

While chatting with fellow talk show host Seth Meyers, the Brit opened up about Sky censoring his comments about the UK’s ‘weird' response to the late monarch passing away.

He said: “All we said was that Britain was still mourning the shocking loss of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes. 

"It’s literally not a joke.

"Scientifically, it’s not a joke.

"That’s just a fact with a kind of d**k-ish inflection, that’s all it is.

“They cut it out, which is pretty s****y. Because apparently, all we’ve heard all week is the Queen had the incredible sense of humour.

"Just nonstop. Oh, she was so funny. Seth, she was so funny. The Queen, she — razor sharp.”

Oliver added that when a tragedy occurs in the Royal family, the comedian seeks solace in the US, where he knows his jokes will be better received.

He said: “Whenever a singular royal dies, I will come here. Just click my heels three times, and I will be here to give it the disrespect that it deserves.”

Bizarrely, the UK broadcast abruptly cut to the show’s logo in the middle of Oliver's opening monologue.

It returned to the comedian mocking mega brands, including Crazy Fog and Dominos Pizza, for their tone-deaf tributes to the royal.


He also poked fun at the newly-appointed British Prime Minister in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

He said: “The Queen’s death is sadly not the only traumatic event that Britain has had to deal with this week, because on Tuesday, Liz Truss, basically Margaret Thatcher if she were high on glue, became its new Prime Minister.”

In response to the comedian’s jokes being removed, many outraged fans took to social media.

One person wrote: “Don't censor my @LastWeekTonight. I am British, I am a monarchist and I CAN TAKE A JOKE!!! @SkyUK If @iamjohnoliver wants to have an intelligent, jovial, factual opinion about our queen I wanna hear it. FFS! The coverage and forced mourning here is getting real out of hand.”

While another said: “Just found the clip on YouTube. It lasted approximately 40 seconds and was a joke about a 96yr old woman dying of natural causes! Are you f**king kidding me! THATS IT! I took more offence to Liz truss' acceptance speech which was kept in.”

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