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Who is Johnny Depp dating now?

Who is Johnny Depp dating now?

After a difficult few years of high-profile court wranglings with his ex Amber Heard, who is Johnny Depp dating now?

Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard have been all over the press for the last few years.

After their latest major court case came to an end, who is Johnny Depp dating now?

He’s been in many high-profile relationships over the years, including Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, and there have been many rumours about who he is seeing now.

Who is Johnny Depp dating now?

During his court case in the US, many people had been linking Depp with one of his attorneys, Camille Vasquez, who strenuously denied the rumours.

There are now reports that the actor is allegedly dating Joelle Rich, the lawyer who represented him in the UK libel trial against The Sun.

The new couple has been reported by Page Six, and Rich is married but separated.

It’s not known if her divorce has been finalised.

His US attorney, Vasquez, defended herself against the rumour mill at the time of the US trial, calling the claims of a dalliance between her and Depp as “sexist” and “unethical.”

“I care very deeply about my clients, and we have obviously become close” she said.

“It’s also an unethical charge being made. It’s sexist,” she added. “It’s unfortunate, and it’s disappointing, but at the same time, it kind of comes with the territory. I can’t say I was all that surprised.”

Rich was photographed in court in the US even though she was not representing him there, and the mother-of-two was there to “show her support" on several occasions.

She was also pictured hugging Vasquez outside the courtroom.

A source said: “There was no professional obligation for her being there.”

It is not known when the relationship began.

Another source said: “Their chemistry is off the charts.”

“It’s serious between them. They are the real deal.”

It's alleged that Rich was married when she first met Depp back in 2018, but is now estranged.

According to Rich's website she "helps individuals and families in the public eye protect their privacy and reputations".

She also has "expertise in libel, privacy and copyright disputes."

She "works to defend [clients'] reputations against false and defamatory allegations in print, online and on social media.

Numerous outlets have reached out to their representatives for comment with no reply.

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