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Johnny Depp Returns To The Stage For Second Night In A Row

Johnny Depp Returns To The Stage For Second Night In A Row

The actor appeared on stage alongside Jeff Beck as he awaits a verdict in his defamation trial against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp appeared on stage in England for the second night in a row as he continues to await a verdict in his defamation trial against Amber Heard.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star arrived in the UK following closing arguments in the trial and on Monday, 30 May, joined guitarist Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall amid the musician's ongoing UK tour.

Depp was seen playing his electric guitar and singing during the unannounced appearance, which marked his second after he also appeared alongside Beck the night before in Sheffield.

His first surprise appearance led some fans to predict his return to the stage on Monday, calling out 'Johnny!' as Beck began his introduction of the actor.

“He came knocking on my dressing room door about five years ago and we haven’t stopped laughing since,” Beck said, adding: "We kept it quiet for obvious reasons, but here he is.”

Though is he now best known for his numerous and varied acting roles, Depp began his career as a musician and in 2015 formed the supergroup Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry in 2015.

Beck and Depp performed their 2020 song 'Isolation', a cover remake of the track John Lennon released in 1970, as well as Marvin Gay’s 'What’s Going On' and Jimi Hendrix’s 'Little Wing'.

Fans delighted in seeing Depp enjoying himself on stage following the trial in Virginia, which saw his ex-wife Heard accuse him of having physically assaulted her.

Johnny Depp has sued Amber Heard for defamation.

One fan wrote: "Johnny Depp is currently touring the UK with Jeff Beck.. Good for him! He deserves to be able to work and travel and do the things he loves."

Another commented: "I can't imagine how relieved #JohnnyDepp must feel now after finally getting all that weight(the truth) off his shoulders. All enjoyment from now on is well deserved. Go Johnny!"

Jurors in the Depp-Heard case began their deliberations after each legal team gave their closing arguments last week, when Depp's lawyer claimed Heard 'ruined his life' while Heard's legal team alleged the actor had launched a smear campaign against her by denying her claims.

Heard has filed a countersuit against Depp for damages of $100 million for claiming her allegations about abuse were false.

The jury, made up of seven members of the public, began deliberations at 3pm Friday before finishing for the day about two hours later. They are set to resume today, 31 May, when they may even announce a decision on the case.

Featured Image Credit: @dorothy96m/Instagram

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