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A new contender has entered the ring of great celebrity lookalikes, and rather conveniently it's another celebrity.

While they've lived very different lives (presumably, perhaps she likes doing stunts in her spare time) there's something of a resemblance between Johnny Knoxville and Jamie Lee Curtis these days.

Both of them wearing very similar style glasses helps quite a bit, but at the moment they've also got very similar looking hair and it's hard to say their facial structure is altogether different either.

If one of them zoomed past you on a rocket with the intention of launching themselves into a lake or something then you could certainly be forgiven for confusing one with the other.

Knoxville has admitted that he does actually get quite a lot of people calling him Jamie Lee Curtis now, but let's be honest people drawing a parallel between you and an Oscar-winning megastar is no bad thing.

Like two peas in a pod, right?

The clearest comparison was drawn by his Jackass Forever co-star Rachel Wolfson, who said when she first met him he still had his dark hair but once it went white she saw the resemblance clear as day.

Speaking on the Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022 while Jay Leno was filling in for the usual host, she described the moment she witnessed the Jackass legend's transformation into 'Silver Foxville' and Jamie Lee Curtis lookalike.

She said: "The first day we get to set, Knoxville looked like the Knoxville I grew up watching on television. He had dark hair. He looked pretty much the same to me.

"As we started filming more, one day he shows up to set looking like Silver Foxville here, and I was like, 'What is this?' I don't recognize this person.

"I think me and the internet both agree that he has a strong resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis."


Knoxville himself appears to have embraced this lookalike status, as according to Entertainment Weekly he's said there are quite a few people who at first glance mistake one for the other.

"Just between us, I've been coloring my hair since I was in my 20s, so during the pandemic, you can't see anyone," he said as part of a discussion about his show The Prank Panel.

"I get a lot of Jamie Lee Curtis, which I love. My sister, Jamie Lee Curtis! Hi, Jamie!"

Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis never lost a fight against boxer Butterbean in a matter of seconds, did she?

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Unique Nicole/Getty

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