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Joker 2: Release Date, Title, Cast

Joker 2: Release Date, Title, Cast

An Instagram post by the director of the 2019 Joker, Todd Phillips, has left fans elated at the announcement of a sequel

An Instagram post by the director of the 2019 Joker, Todd Phillips, has left fans elated at the announcement of a second instalment of the Batman anti-hero film. Phillips’ original Joker stormed the 2020 Oscars, acquiring 11 nominations and taking home 2 big wins, and given the tragedy that was 2020, this was a film that got many through the mundanity of lockdown.

The 2019 Joker has set the bar extremely high, and fans (myself included) are understandably excited to see what the next instalment of the psychological thriller will hold in store.

When Will Joker 2 Be Released?

The official release date for the second Joker has not been announced, though the director has revealed that the project is in the works. It also reportedly took a year after the script had been written for the first Joker film to be released.

What Is The Title Of The New Joker Film?

The excitement came after Todd Phillips film took to Instagram to tease the release of the second instalment. In his post, he gave fans a huge piece of information: the new film’s title. The Instagram post featured a photo of the front page of the script that read, JOKER Folie à Deux.

The French title translates to, ‘delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association’. While we do not know any details about the plot thus far, from this we can infer that the anti-hero will likely not be alone in his affairs.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Joker 2?

In Phillips’ Instagram post, he also shared an artsy black and white snap of the beloved anti-hero of the first film, Joaquin Phoenix. In the pic, Phoenix is smoking a cigarette and tucking into the script, with a picturesque LA background. 

Phoenix blew viewers and critics away with his performance as the lead in the first Joker film, achieving the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020 which is akin to winning an Olympic gold medal for actors.

He is currently the only confirmed member of the cast, but that is certainly not a bad start. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the making of Joker 2.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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