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Kaleb Cooper had never seen a revolving door before and his reaction is priceless

Kaleb Cooper had never seen a revolving door before and his reaction is priceless

Everyone loves a good revolving door and Kaleb Cooper just had his first go

It's no secret that revolving doors are absolutely loads of fun and Kaleb Cooper of Clarkson's Farm fame has just had a delightful reaction to his first go on one.

Most people's first encounter with a revolving door is at a pretty young age when one's main concerns are chiefly how long it'll be before you get bitten by a radioactive spider and get your superpowers, or whatever it is kids these days are interested in.

Anyhow, the Clarkson's Farm gang have been down in London for the Farm to Fork summit and despite Kaleb not being the biggest fan of big cities, he headed there along with Jeremy Clarkson and Charlie Ireland.

The trio were welcomed into 10 Downing Street for a meeting with prime minister Rishi Sunak with the hopes of boosting farm production and cutting costs for families at the supermarket.

The Diddly Squat Farm got name-checked in Sunak's speech but the thing people should be really interested in is Kaleb's reaction to discovering a revolving door for the first time.

Kaleb Cooper really enjoyed his 'amazing' experience with a revolving door.

Clarkson posted a video to Instagram showing Kaleb having the time of his life going in circles, with the TV presenter telling the audience that Cooper has 'never seen a revolving door before'.

'Cheerful' Charlie was also with them for this bit and couldn't help but laugh at Kaleb's boundless enthusiasm for a door that spins around and around.

Once he'd had his fun Kaleb re-joined his Clarkson's Farm colleagues and declared the whole experience to be 'amazing' and the look on his face made it clear he'd had loads of fun.

To be fair to Kaleb, revolving doors really are amazing fun and if we're all being a little bit honest with ourselves most of us can admit we've probably gone round them a few more times than necessary just to enjoy it.

Kaleb has other reasons to be in a good mood beyond being invited to Downing Street and playing with a revolving door as he recently launched a new bursary to get young people into farming.

He's going to be providing up to £3,000 in funding to help young prospective farmers who could go with a bit of help making their way in the sector.

People wanting to get into farming will also have the chance to get some hands-on experience working with Kaleb or one of his colleagues.

The 24-year-old got into farming when he was 13 and bought his first tractor two years later even though he wasn't yet old enough to drive.

As for the Diddly Squat Farm itself, we'll see it again in the last season of Clarkson's Farm which will be releasing on Prime Video in the future.

Featured Image Credit: jeremyclarkson1/Instagram

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