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Kate Hudson in seriously awkward moment as reporter thinks she’s won an Oscar

Kate Hudson in seriously awkward moment as reporter thinks she’s won an Oscar

The actor was interviewed on the red carpet at this year's Oscars

The Oscars is the biggest awards ceremony on the planet, with millions of people watching to see who takes home the top gongs.

That means there's a lot of pressure on everyone involved to make sure they get it right... and when they don't, like this TV reporter, it can be really awkward:

Despite her incredible performance as over-the-top entrepreneur Birdie Jay in the hit Netflix release Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Kate Hudson was not among this year's long list of nominees.

However, being a staple of Hollywood for decades now, she was among the stars who paraded the red (champagne) carpet last night (12 March).

And as such, she was inevitably cornered by a reporter, who wanted to get her take on the runners and riders for this year's awards.

Kicking things off, the journalist tries to ease Hudson into it, stroking her ego a bit.

He says: "Kate, you know what it’s like to win an Oscar... "

Kate Hudson had to correct the reporter.

Now, ordinarily, this would be the perfect way to start an interview, the actor feels important, you're clearly a fan of their work, etc.

However, this would only work if said actor had actually won an Oscar, which the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star has not, though she was nominated back in 2001.

Breaking the news to the reporter, Hudson, laughing, said: "I have never won an Oscar, but I’ve been nominated."

Trying to smooth things over, the reporter added: "I gave you one in my head!"

To which Hudson added: "I’m sure it’s amazing!"

But this wasn't the only awkward interaction at this year's bash, not by a long chalk.

I think the award for most excruciating interview, if there were such a thing, would certainly go to Hugh Grant for his chat with Ashley Graham.

The British star was pulled for an interview with the model ahead of the ceremony, during which he was asked about his thoughts on the event and his style choices.

The eye roll at the end. Yikes.

Sadly for Graham, though, he was really not into it at all.

Starting fairly easily, Graham asked the Brit for his thoughts on the awards do and his 'favourite thing' about the Oscars.

To which Grant replied: "Well, it's fascinating... the whole of humanity is here. It's Vanity Fair."

Trying to move things along, Graham then asked him what he was most excited about seeing and if he had any favourites he'd like to see pick up some of the major awards.

But again, he wasn't really giving much away, saying: "No one in particular."

And it really didn't improve much from there, with Grant eventually walking away, rolling his eyes at the car crash he'd just been involved in.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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