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Keanu Reeves speaks out to deny crashing UK couple's wedding

Keanu Reeves speaks out to deny crashing UK couple's wedding

Keanu Reeves was accused of gatecrashing a wedding in Northamptonshire, but told Jimmy Fallon that he did no such thing

Keanu Reeves addressed accusations that he ‘gatecrashed’ a wedding in Northamptonshire last year.

Because this is Keanu Reeves, and he’s basically the nicest bloke in Hollywood, he did so in a joking and warm way, rather than actually hitting out at critics for turning up at the wedding of some people he didn’t know.

The wedding itself took place at the Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa, and the bride and groom were Nikki and James Roadnight.

Of course, they were absolutely thrilled that one of the most recognisable faces in the world had turned up, and it certainly added a bit of celebrity to their big day.

Neither they nor their guests will ever forget it, that’s for sure.

It seems as if Keanu hasn’t, either.

Keanu got into some of the wedding photos.

Recently, the John Wick star turned up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to shoot the s*** with the host.

Fallon jokingly argued that Keanu had turned up and gatecrashed the couple’s wedding, but Reeves hit back saying that he was asked if he wanted to join in.

The host said: "I saw this photo, everybody is talking about it on the internet, you crashed someone's wedding in London."

Keanu explained: "I didn't gatecrash it. I was invited by these folks to take a photo.

"It was outside in an another part of the hotel and it was outside of London and they were having their wedding.

"And then the groom came by and was like 'hi' and I was like 'hi'.

“He was like do you want to take a picture with everybody and I said 'sure, let's do it'.

"And then I met some folks and I said 'hi and hi' and we took some photographs.

“One of these things do not belong and it was me.

"It was really lovely, it was cool."

He was staying in the hotel on John Wick business.

Nikki was absolutely made up that Keanu remembered her, let alone used his time that could have been spent promoting the latest John Wick blockbuster to chat about their wedding day.

The bride said: "It was just surreal. I can't believe he was there doing this interview promoting John Wick 4 and then starts talking about us instead.

"It just shows how much of a nice guy he is and we were lucky to experience that in person.

"It was the first time he's spoken about it so to hear him recounting the story of our wedding day to Jimmy Fallon nine months later was just so bizarre.

"It has been crazy since it happened, we still get random people messaging us about it and our wedding photos have popped up on all these TV shows.

"We are just normal people, things like this don't happen to us, it's all been very bizarre."

The happy couple on their big day.

Explaining how the whole thing came about, her husband said: "Earlier in the day I was at the bar and a member of staff said Keanu Reeves was staying.

"So me being me, I went out to the beer garden where he was having a pint to introduce myself to him.

"I shook his hand, told him it was my wedding day and said it would be great if you could come to the reception later.

"I said my wife would love to meet him and that he couldn't miss her because she was the one in the big white dress, and he laughed.

"He said congratulations and was just wonderfully friendly and down-to-earth.

"I told him there was no pressure, and not to feel obliged to, but the offer was there if he wanted a drink with us.

"He said he'd see what he could do but he was just about to have his dinner so I went off and thought nothing more of it.

"We carried on with the evening and I was on the dancefloor when our wedding photographer told me we had a VIP outside.

"I was so happy he came, it was just the cherry on the top of an already magical day."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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