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KSI calls out Tommy Fury again after beating Joe Fournier

KSI calls out Tommy Fury again after beating Joe Fournier

KSI wants the Tommy Fury fight.

The YouTube boxing scene continues to blow up after KSI's controversial win over Joe Fournier last night (May 13).

Shortly after the victory, JJ wasted no time in calling out Tommy Fury - again.

The Love Island star - who got the W over Jake Paul back in February - was in attendance during the fight at the OVO Arena Wembley.

After having a bit of a scrap with Idris Virgo in the crowd, Fury and KSI went face to face, with no one backing down.

Both fighters are undefeated as their beef continues to ramp up.

"Tommy Fury! I want this! I want this! I want to do what Jake Paul couldn't, knock you out," shouted KSI.

"That's never ever going to happen," replied Fury.

"Sign me up, easy money. You are going to sleep in four rounds.

"Gun ho, no defence, head movement, sign me up, I cannot wait."

"You didn't box a pro boxer tonight, I'm a pro boxer. I have already ticked off one name in Jake Paul and you will be ticked off as well and Misfits is going to be over," shouted Fury as he shoved KSI across the ring.

"I want it this year. I'm hungry, I need it, I need it, I need it," the Sidemen star added.

JJ wasted no time in calling out Tommy Fury.

Taking to socials after the win, the YouTube-boxer called out Fury again.

"Outboxed and outclassed in every department. Onto the next, Tommy fury, let’s do this," JJ wrote.

Despite picking up the win to extend his unbeaten record, opponent Fournier insists that KSI's knockout blow was an illegal one.

In the second round, Fournier's head came into contact with KSI's elbow rather than his glove, and it was all over for the pro boxer.

"I felt the elbow, I saw the punch go past my face and he hits me with an elbow. It was a right hand, right hand goes past and it hits me," Fournier argued.

"They have it all, it's gone viral, it's gone everywhere. Literally, I felt bone. I thought it was either a headbutt or an elbow, the fist was here, he missed with that.

"Of course you've got to run it back, he should be disqualified that should go down as a loss. You can't walk up to someone in boxing and elbow them. It's not Muay Thai, it's not MMA, it's boxing."

Featured Image Credit: KSIClips/Twitter/DAZN

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