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What Is KT Tunstall's Net Worth In 2022?

What Is KT Tunstall's Net Worth In 2022?

KT Tunstall has had a long and successful career in the music business.

KT Tunstall is responsible for one of the catchiest songs ever with ‘Suddenly I See’, so it’s no surprise she’s worth a huge amount of money. 

The Scottish singer, real name Kate Victoria Tunstall, shot to fame in 2004 with her album ‘Eye To The Telescope’ reaching number 3 in the album charts. She seemingly appeared out of nowhere with her loop-pedal and guitar, and the album generated five hit singles which still receive major radio play nearly two decades later.

How much is KT Tunstall worth?

In 2022, it’s estimated that the 47-year-old is worth a whopping $12 million (£9.9 million) thanks to her impressive back catalogue of songs, worldwide tours and licensing agreements.

The album produced singles such as ‘Black Horse & The Cherry Tree’ (remember the “woohoo”?), ‘Other Side Of The World’ and the aforementioned ‘Suddenly I See’. Sorry if they’re now stuck in your head. 

The track won the Ivor Novello award for Best Song in 2006 and was used in many soundtracks in TV and film, including The Devil Wears prada, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and more. It was even used as a campaign song by Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Unsurprisingly, her talent for writing ear-worm songs has seen her sell more than six million albums to date.

She grew up in St Andrews, but KT previously bought a 1920s house in Los Angeles for £1.7 million after splitting from husband Luke Bullen.

She then sold the “slice of paradise” trendy Venice Beach for just over £2.2million a few years later, making quite the profit on the three-bedroomed property.

Despite her bulging bank balance and record success, in 2021 KT said she felt she had “self-sabotaged” her career after her overnight fame came as a surprise she wasn’t prepared for.

She said in an interview : "It really was a case of overnight success – after I did Jools Holland in 2004 everything changed. It went crazy.

"I think there was an element of self-sabotage in the way I handled things because I didn’t really like being famous."

"I was never a magazine cover artist, and I didn't really want to be and that’s not very helpful if you want to be a rock star. So I didn’t really use the power I had.

"Everybody hanging on tenterhooks waiting to see where the next album is going to chart. Being told I couldn’t delay my second record because it was going to make somebody’s share prices drop. That’s not what I wanted."

She is now joining the likes of Coldplay and Billie Eilish by attempting to go greener when it comes to touring, aiming to reduce her carbon footprint as much as possible for future gigs. 

Tunstall has also been working on a new album, titled ‘Nuts’.

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