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Lad Has Giant 5.5 Inch 'E.T. Thumb' That He Loves Showing Off

Lad Has Giant 5.5 Inch 'E.T. Thumb' That He Loves Showing Off

This lad has an absolutely giant thumb which he says can 'break and regrow on command'

Of all the superpowers in the world to have, being able to stretch your thumb until it's 5.5 inches long and would put E.T. to shame isn't top of most people's lists.

However, one lad who has a thumb just like that thinks it's an absolutely great thing to have, and he loves showing it off whenever he can.

Jacob Pina and his 'magical thumb' have gone viral in a series of videos where he shows everyone just what fun can be had with a giant thumb.

Pina also jokes that his incredible thumb can 'break and regrow' on command, which would be hard to believe in most cases but is entirely plausible when you see what he can do.

Extendable up to 5.5 inches, Pina's thumb is as long as a can of coke is tall and has played a starring role in a series of videos.

As for the secret behind the success of his incredibly long thumb, Jacob puts it all down to the very simple answer of genetics.

He has told his viewers his amazing skills are 'all genetics baby', joking that he's 'part of E.T.'s bloodline'.

In truth, he has no idea where it came from as none of his family have the freakishly large thumbs he does.

He first realised his thumb was much larger than everyone else's when he was about five, putting him on the path to internet stardom and potential future work as an E.T. impersonator.

The giant thumb also comes in handy for any thumb wars Jacob might find himself in, as he's said he's never lost a single one yet thanks to his super thumb.

There are a few downsides to having a thumb longer than many people's longest fingers, as he has previously admitted it makes cold weather a nightmare as it's very difficult for him to get gloves on.

He can just about manage to pull a glove over his gigantic 5.5 inch thumb but it causes him discomfort and can't stay on for long.

While it's his right thumb that is the star of the show, his left one is also pretty long but doesn't stick out quite as much as it's 'curved normally'.

If anyone out there has a thumb to match the one Jacob is packing then you should get in touch with him to present yourself as a worthy challenger for the most legendary thumb war of all time.

Featured Image Credit: @micahkiper1/TikTok/Caters

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