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The Last of Us episode 5 is dropping early in the UK

The Last of Us episode 5 is dropping early in the UK

It's good news for The Last of Us fans who can't stand waiting all week

Fans of the hit TV series The Last of Us are in for some good news as the show's fifth episode is dropping a little bit earlier than expected.

Audiences and critics alike have been going wild for the post-apocalyptic HBO drama following the journey of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they attempt to survive in a world ravaged by a parasitic infection.

It's based off the popular video game of the same name and fans have been wowed by how good of an adaptation it is, which is no small praise considering that other adaptations from console to TV haven't been anywhere near as well received.

The Last of Us looks amazing and is an absolute joy to watch, even if it is quite scary in some parts and genuinely heartbreaking in plenty of others.

There's already been plenty of dramatic twists, turns and cliff-hangers to keep fans on tenterhooks but viewers are being made to wait a week between episodes and it's testing the patience of some.

Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us.

It's a dollop of good news then, for fans of The Last of Us at least, that the release date for episode five has been shifted up a couple of days so it can be watched sooner.

Episode five of The Last of Us is coming early as HBO wants to avoid it clashing with the Super Bowl over in the US, so while it would normally be on at the same time it's instead getting released two days early on Friday, 10 February.

While that's for people over in the US, The Last of Us is available to watch on Sky and Now in the UK and thankfully it's also getting shifted a couple of days sooner.

In the UK, episodes of The Last of Us get released on Monday mornings, but with episode five moving timeslots in the US it'll instead be jumping forward so you can watch it on demand on Saturday, 11 February this side of the pond.

The series is based on the 2013 video game, The Last of Us.

That is very good news for The Last of Us fans who will only have to wait five days for the next episode instead of an entire week.

However, with the rest of the episodes returning to their original schedules I suppose that means if you watch the next episode of The Last of Us two days early that'll actually result in you having to wait even longer for the one after that.

It might be a bit painful and require a bit of extra patience but I'm sure you'll manage.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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