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Ms. Marvel Dethrones Black Panther To Become The MCU's Highest Rated Project

Ms. Marvel Dethrones Black Panther To Become The MCU's Highest Rated Project

The 2022 TV series has earned a near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ms. Marvel has dethroned Black Panther to become the Marvel Cinematic Universe's highest-rated project.

The 2022 TV series about Kamala Khan (played by Iman Vellani) was historic when it first dropped as it was Marvel’s first ever onscreen Muslim superhero. 

Khan is a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager who leads a normal life in Jersey City.

After admiring Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) for so many years, and feeling like she doesn't fit in at school, she finally gains the cosmic super powers she always wanted.

It has become such a huge series that it is now rated at 98 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

That pips Black Panther's incredible and near-perfect score of 96 per cent.


Eric Francisco from Inverse said Ms. Marvel didn't try to 'reinvent' the classic superhero storyline, but it dipped 'it in gold and bedazzles it with eye-melting visuals'.

Rohan Nahaar from The Indian Express added: "Combining the Gen-Z sounds of Ritviz and Hasan Raheem with songs from icons such as Abida Parveen and AR Rahman, the new MCU show uses music as a diplomatic tool to unite generations and nations."

However, while critics have been lapping it up, it doesn't seem to be translating to mainstream viewership.

Samba TV reports that around 770,000 people watched the series premiere when it dropped in June.

When you compare that to Loki's debut of 2.5 million, you can see that the appetite to see Kamala Khan's story is much smaller.


Similarly, WandaVision earned 1.6 million viewers for the first episode, Hawkeye attracted 1.5 million sets of eyes, while Moon Knight and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier had 1.8 million each.

However, Ms. Marvel managed to get the highest viewership out of any Marvel project for people aged between 20 to 24, according to Samba TV's data.

A big proportion of the audience was made up of 'Black, Hispanic and Asian households', showing how the series appealed to a more diverse audience.

The show's star, Iman Vellani, says she couldn't be prouder of what they've achieved with the storyline.

Speaking to NME, Vellani said: "We hit our target audience and we hit an entirely new audience that didn’t know they were gonna fall in love with this character – people who have never seen themselves represented in a positive light before.”

She also told the haters that no one was paying attention to their issues with the show.

"I’m all for constructive criticism as long as people have a legitimate concern or suggestion or something real," she said.

"Then I care.

"But all the hatred I’ve seen has no basis, no merit, it’s just purely for the sake of hating – and that’s fine. You’re not gonna impress everyone."

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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