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Prime Video Warns The Boys Fans That The Upcoming ‘Herogasm’ Episode Isn’t Suitable For Anyone

Charisa Bossinakis

| Last updated 

Prime Video Warns The Boys Fans That The Upcoming ‘Herogasm’ Episode Isn’t Suitable For Anyone

Prime Video’s The Boys has issued a warning ahead of their next episode, teasing the highly-awaitedHerogasm’.

The series never shies away from graphic scenes and controversial issues, but they have really been hyping up the sixth episode of the latest season containing some truly wild stuff.

The series posted to Twitter a little sneak peek with the caption: “This is the only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time. #Herogasm.”


In the promo video, a warning also flicked up on the screening noting that the following episode would feature ‘a super massive orgy’, ‘airborne penetration’, ‘dildo-based maiming, ‘extra strength lube’, ‘icicle phalluses’ and ‘cursing’.

Wow, cursing…how basic.

They also added: “It Is Not Suitable For Any Audience.”

Many passionate fans reacted to the video, with one person writing: “Trailergasm.”


Another person said: “Waiting for a series episode has never caused me anxiety until now #Herogasm.”

A third person wrote: “For as long as this show has existed, I have wondered how they'd try to tackle this, #Herogasm, the most over-the-top story arc in the comics.”

While another simply commented: “SCREAMING.”


Just to catch you up to speed and be wary of some **spoiler alerts ahead**, this season picks as Billy Butcher, and his CIA squad continue to bring down Vought's superheroes.

Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) is currently working for literal ‘head exploding’ villain, congresswoman Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), trying to infiltrate the supes from the inside. 

Oh, and there’s also a new drug, 'V24', which gives anyone superhero abilities for 24 hours. So throw that into the mix, and there’s bound to be chaos.

However, based on the comic book limited series of the same name, the upcoming episode will see The Seven head off to ‘Herogasm’, an annual party for Vought-sponsored superheroes.


We can only assume that this event makes Coachella look like child’s play.

Last month, the show’s writer and creator Eric Kripe confirmed to Gamesradar that after a little push back from production, they finally granted him the notorious ‘Herogasm’ episode.

He said: "It took me two years of working closely with Amazon before the third year, much like a patient parent, they were like, 'Okay, you've got it, you've earned it, you can have Herogasm."

He added: "I mean the audience will tell me, but I do think it’s our best season yet."


You can catch the latest episode of The Boys, on June 24 on Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television Distribution/Prime Video/IMDb

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Charisa Bossinakis
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