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Lewis Capaldi may have best selling albums and sold-out world tours, but he isn't the only talented one in his family.

The 'Someone You Loved' singer is in danger of being shown up by his older brother Aidan, also known by his stage name, Anthony Capaldi, in a few years time, as the young Scot gets going on his acting career.

Anthony, who previously appeared in 2020 Scottish short film Haggis, has since graduated to BBC medical dramas.


He appeared as a patient with some seriously gruesome injuries in a recent episode of Casualty.

And, given how many of his guts appeared to be spilling out of him, his character seemed to be handling the whole thing relatively well.

Pointing out the actor's big TV moment, Lewis and Aidan's older sister Danielle took to TikTok.

"My other little brother on Casualty last night," she wrote, zooming in on Aidan's gross 'injuries' as he lay on the hospital bed.

And people were shocked to see that the Capaldi family's talent doesn't stop at Lewis.

Taking to the comments, one viewer commented: "Your parents must be proud of you all."

While a second noted: "Gosh he’s like Lewis!"

And a third wrote: "@Lewis Capaldi your family is so famous."

Danielle shared the video of Aidan's big moment.

Aidan, who's just two years older than Lewis, has previously spoken about how he first fell in love with acting after being taken to pantomimes as a child.

When he turned 17, he decided to give the career a go for himself.

He told Glasgow Times: "I just remembered that year I saw how happy all the actors seemed on stage.

"Even after the show, they all seemed ecstatic when they were walking about. I wanted to try and give it a little shot."

Anthony has also appeared in the music video for his brother's hit song 'Someone You Loved', which has 626 million views on YouTube.

Aidan has had a podcast since 2021, playfully called The Other One, and he has spoken about Lewis's success from time to time.

Anthony got into acting when he was 17.

When asked by a listener how he feels about his brother's fame, and whether he thinks he's in Lewis's shadow, Anthony said: "No. Not at all. I mean my brother has done very well; I think we can all agree that Lewis has done amazing.

"I am very proud of him. Because he’s done this for years, he’s not just randomly appeared and I think he’s done amazing.

"I’m very proud of my brother and he gives me some motivation because it is amazing that he’s done this, especially being from where he’s from and kind of everything that’s happened for him since Bruises came out is f***ing amazing."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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