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Lewis Capaldi Says He's 'Too Lazy' To Make Any New Music

Lewis Capaldi Says He's 'Too Lazy' To Make Any New Music

The Scottish singer was brutally honest with the crowd at Latitude Festival when he headlined on the opening night

Lewis Capaldi has insisted he's simply 'too horribly lazy' to make any new music at the moment.

Of course, fans all know and love the Scottish singer for his brutal honesty and quick wit, but it seems as if this honesty will come as a disappointment to many following a recent revelation.

Last night (22 July), Capaldi headlined the first night of Latitude Festival in Suffolk, and just two songs into his set, he revealed to the crowd his plans for new music in the future.

Not one to beat around the bush, he started by saying: "I just want to say now, I have no new music to play you."

He then added: "I rescheduled a lot of shows last year because I was like, 'Guys, I need to finish my new album'.

"And I was supposed to do it, but I am horribly lazy."

Lewis Capaldi has admitted he's 'too lazy' to make new music.

"So we're just going to play you all of the old stuff," he deadpanned, prompting a huge cheer from his fans.

"I'm glad you enjoy it, because it's all we've got."

Following the rather bleak announcement of no new music, Capaldi seemed to deliver to his fans regardless, with him drawing the biggest crowd of the festival's opening day.

"Thanks for coming back in this many numbers," he said to the crowd.

"I always get the feeling people have forgotten us."

This comes after fans of the 'Someone You Loved' singer called for him to pursue a career in comedy when he left his crowd in stitches at a recent gig.

When on stage at Malahide Castle in Dublin last month, Capaldi spent the majority of his set – alongside singing his most popular hits – cracking jokes and making the audience laugh out loud.

It all began when the set opened with a picture of the singer with his hair wrapped in a towel, shades on and throwing up a peace sign with his hand.

Later on in the set, he called himself a 'lazy c**t', which was met with howls of laughter from the audience.

"I spent the majority of lockdown masturbating. At no point did I feel like I should take my hand off my penis," he said crudely.

He then joked that his mum was in the audience, before announcing he would be performing 'all of the old s**t' because of having no new music'.

Videos captured of the gig were shared avidly online, with fans calling for Capaldi to look further into his comedic talent.

"He should do stand up," one said as another fan commented: "Whys he actually soo funny. Like he really doesn't care at all."

Never change, Lewis, never change.

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