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Lewis Capaldi awkwardly stops fight in crowd at concert in the most Lewis Capaldi way

Lewis Capaldi awkwardly stops fight in crowd at concert in the most Lewis Capaldi way

The lights went up in the arena after Capaldi spotted the altercation

Lewis Capaldi went full, well, Lewis Capaldi as he was forced to halt his gig at Manchester's AO Arena after spotting members of the crowd fighting.

The 26-year-old took the stage in Manchester yesterday (18 January) as part of his ongoing 'Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent' tour across the UK and Europe. See how he chose to address the fight here:

He was performing 'Hold Me While You Wait', one of the singles from his debut album, when he spotted an altercation taking place in the standing area of the crowd on the floor in front of the stage.

Given that Capaldi's music isn't exactly the moshing type, the singer knew something was wrong and held up his hands to stop his live band.

Alerting security to the fight, Capaldi said: "They are scrapping in the crowd there."

After awkwardly announcing news of the altercation, he added: "Erm, we are going to have to get them out."

The lights came up and some audience members booed at the interruption, but Capaldi told the crowd: "We can't be fighting."

Capaldi performed to a packed-out show at the AO Arena.

He went on to gain a laugh from the crowd as he described the romantic ballad he'd been singing as a 'weird song to fight to', adding: "Bizarre, bizarre."

One fan who was at the show told the Manchester Evening News they 'couldn’t see the fight itself with the area being full', but explained that Capaldi 'stopped the song and lit the area up in order for security to get to the fight'.

"He started the song again after taking the mick out of them for fighting. He started saying it was daft how anyone could fight to that song," they added.

Capaldi appeased the crowd by starting 'Hold Me While You Wait' again from the beginning, though it's unclear whether the audience members who were fighting were allowed to stay and watch the rest of the concert afterwards.

Capaldi joked about the song he was playing when the fight broke out.
Gary Mather / Alamy Stock Photo

Concertgoers made it clear they still enjoyed the show even after the unexpected disruption, with many later taking to Twitter to note it made the gig all the more unique.

"A packed out arena for @LewisCapaldi what an amazing guy with an amazing voice! Only in Manchester do you need to stop the gig because there’s a fight during a ballad," one fan wrote.

Another tagged the singer, asking: "@LewisCapaldi how do you feel knowing you have the power to cause a fight while singing."

Capaldi is set to continue his tour tonight in Liverpool, though hopefully no one will feel the need to throw any punches over his emotional tracks this time.

Featured Image Credit: beckii2409/TikTok

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