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Lindsay Lohan tried to sue Rockstar Games for character that looked like her

Lindsay Lohan tried to sue Rockstar Games for character that looked like her

The actor claimed that one of the characters was based on her.

Lindsay Lohan once tried to sue Rockstar Games over a character that allegedly resembled her in Grand Theft Auto V.

The former Disney star was certain that the character of Lacey Jonas, a famous movie star in the game, was inspired by her.

Not only did Lohan believe that Lacey looked just like her, but also claimed that the character had a similar voice and wore clothes that resembled her own.

Lindsay Lohan once tried to sue over a character in Grand Theft Auto 5.
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The Just My Luck actor first sued Rockstar Games back in 2014, claiming that creators copied everything from her 'persona', to her cellphone to her 'signature peace sign' pose.

Yes, apparently that's Lindsay's.

Her legal team also suggested that Rockstar had used a picture of Lohan in a bikini from 2007.

When players first meet Lacey Jonas in Grand Theft Auto V, she's hiding from paparazzi down an alleyway.

She asks for a ride home, during which she explains that she's 'really famous', has starred in a few rom-coms and cheerleader movies, and is the 'voice of a generation'.

However, Lacey isn't exactly the jet-setting superstar that she lets on to be, though.

In fact, she's a bit of a has-been who has become a target for tabloids, and seems to be struggling with her waning fame.

So, despite her own dwindling career at the time, it was a wonder why Lohan would have openly compared herself to a character like Lacey.

Lindsay argued that her voice, appearance, and persona, were used for the character of Lacey Jonas.
Rockstar Games

In 2016, Lohan's case was rejected by a panel of five judges, who told her she didn't have a claim on her hands.

But the Mean Girls star and her lawyers filed an appeal, which was rejected once again in 2018.

Although the appeal judges did accept that Lohan's claim that a video game character could be considered a 'portrait', which would have supported her invasion of privacy claim, there just weren't enough similarities between the actor and Lacey.

A panel of six judges at New York's Court of Appeals agreed that the character of Lacey Jonas simply resembles a 'generic... twenty something woman without any particular identifying physical characteristics'.

One judge, Eugene Fahey, wrote in his ruling: "[The] artistic renderings are indistinct, satirical representations of the style, look and persona of a modern, beach-going young woman... that is not recognisable as plaintiff."

Lohan or Take-Two Interactive, who own Rockstar, did not comment on the ruling at the time.

Lindsay's case was rejected.
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But Lohan isn't the only celebrity to have sued over a GTA V character, either.

Back in 2014, reality TV star Karen Gravano tried to sue Rockstar Games for $40 million, claiming that the character of Antonia Bottino was based on her likeness and story, which was also rejected.

As of 2022, GTA V has sold over 170 million copies and is the bestselling console/PC-only game of all time.

It was the fastest entertainment release to earn $1 billion - across all mediums.

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