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Machine Gun Kelly Loses $100 To Fan Who Made Bet With Sign

Machine Gun Kelly Loses $100 To Fan Who Made Bet With Sign

He took her up on her wager and ended up having to fork out

Machine Gun Kelly had to cough up $100 (£74) after he lost a bet with a fan. Watch here:

The rapper was performing in Cleveland just before Christmas when a fan held aloft a sign which read: "I bet you $10 I'm taller than you."

The sign caught the attention of the 31-year-old, presumably because it was much higher than all the others, so he decided to take her up on the bet.

Addressing the wagering fan, MGK - who is reportedly 6ft 4ins - said: "I won’t take $10 from you but I'll give you $100 f***ing dollars if you're taller than me."

I mean, when you're his height, it seems a fairly safe bet. But as the lanky fan made her way to the stage, he realised he may have made a mistake.

"Oh f**k, you might actually be taller than me," he said.

The pair went back-to-back, as standard in any 'who's taller' wager, and it appeared that MGK had cleared her by a good couple of inches.

MGK initially appeared to be taller.

However, the fan wasn't about to walk off the stage empty-handed and was quick to point out that the musician - real name Colson Baker - had gained an unfair advantage with his big old boots.

Accepting the objection with good grace, he replied: "I think my boots are the reason, you actually might be taller than me. Yeah, I think it's my boots.

"Someone give me $100 real quick just in case."

The pair then went back-to-back once again, and this time around, it was the fan who appeared to be the taller of the two.

She won the money in the end, with the help of a slouch.

On closer inspection, it seems like MGK may have been slouching a bit - perhaps because his sense of showmanship told him it would be more entertaining if he lost, perhaps because he'd rather share some of his money with a fan, rather than take from them.

Whatever the reason, he coughed up the money and shook hands with his adversary, before handing her another $100 which he seemingly found on the floor.

He said: "I mean, there is another $100 right there, you might as well take it. Merry Christmas."

The moral of the story - always endeavour to make sure the person you're betting against is a celebrity, as they'll likely be rich enough to hand over the dosh even if they won.

Featured Image Credit: sioproductions

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