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Maisie Williams 'Can't Wait' For Game Of Thrones Spin-Off House Of The Dragon

Maisie Williams 'Can't Wait' For Game Of Thrones Spin-Off House Of The Dragon

Maisie Williams caught up with LADbible to talk about her new show Pistol and revealed she'd be tuning into House of the Dragon.

Maisie Williams is set to return to Westeros. No, not like that, Arya Stark is still off on some off-map, seafaring adventure.

Williams will be returning to King’s Landing the same way we all will on 21 August, by tuning into HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

Speaking to LADbible, Williams confirmed she’d be tuning in to the highly-anticipated spin-off, saying: “I am going to watch House of the Dragon. I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait.

She went on: “I'm very, very intrigued. It’ll be nice to watch a Game of Thrones show I’m not part of and just get lost in it. I’m thrilled.”

Maisie Williams told LADbible she plans to tune into House of the Dragon.

Williams was promoting her new Disney+ show Pistol alongside co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster, a project she credited with teaching her ‘the greatest lesson she’ll ever learn in acting’.

The 25-year-old portrays Pamela Rooke in the Danny Boyle-directed mini-series. 

Rooke became an icon of London’s punk rock scene under the name Jordan, and Maisie was lucky enough to get to know the trailblazer before her death aged 66 earlier this year.

Of Jordan, Williams said: “She’s a rare, rare woman. She was very authentic. It’s very rare to find people that aren’t just projecting falseness as a cover-up for who they really are.”

The actor went on: “I just feel so grateful to have met her and she’s impacted my life in many, many ways.”

Brodie-Sangster, 32, is excellent as Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren, and was quick to praise the notorious impresario’s ‘spontaneity’, noting: “I could do with a bit more of that, I think.”

Pistol alongside co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Williams and Brodie-Sangster – both born in the '90s – admitted it was something of a culture shock stepping back into '70s Britain for the show, but enjoyed the ‘simplicity’ of the tech-free decade. 

“The way the world has become so ‘instant’ makes me feel nauseous,” explained Williams.

“So it was nice. I felt like it was the perfect excuse for me to be like, ‘oh, sorry, I haven't checked my phone in three weeks’.”

Brodie-Sangster echoed William’s sentiment, adding: “The world moves at such a fast pace. I think technology is out-running human personal development at an alarming pace, so it’s nice to go back [to the 70s].”

As for working with Oscar-winning director Boyle, both actors described being under his guidance as a career-defining experience. 

portrays Pamela Rooke in the Danny Boyle-directed mini-series.

“What I really value is how much I learned on this job,” began Williams. “I had previously gotten into the technicalities of acting on camera. I’d become obsessed with hitting my mark and making sure I’m on my game and all this stuff that’s not real.

“With Danny, it’s like, forget about all of that. You don’t even know if the camera is rolling or if the camera is on you, you're stripped of all these little necessities. 

“Because of that, I had to do something that was meaningful and impactful. I’ll never act the same way again. I’ve never had a freedom like that before, it’s liberating.”

Brodie-Sangster shared: “You just go in and you have to bring your performance every single tape because you don't know where the camera really is.”

He added: “You break all the rules, it was almost like doing a play.”

Pistol airs on Disney+ in the UK on 31 May.

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Alamy

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