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Maitland Ward explains what actually goes into '16 hour day' porn shoots

Maitland Ward explains what actually goes into '16 hour day' porn shoots

Sex is only a small part of it

If you assume getting into porn is an easy way to make a bit of fast cash, Maitland Ward is here to explain why you're wrong.

In fact, by the sounds of things it's bloody hard graft, with the adult movie star explaining what actually goes into '16 hour day' shoots.

For those not in the know, Ward starred as Rachel McGuire in the hit 90s sitcom Boy Meets World before launching into the porn industry in 2019.

The 45-year-old went into detail about her journey in a memoir titled Rated X, which dropped in September this year.

You can read more about Maitland Ward's experiences in her recently published memoir Rated X.

Following the launch, Ward spoke with the Independent about the work and time that goes into creating an adult movie - to say it involves more than sex is an understatement.

According to the award-winning actress for Vixen Media Group's Deeper, she's had to rehearse monologues up to three pages long.

But thankfully her previous acting work has helped her when it comes to creating these scenes.

She also spent two years studying screenwriting at the University of California Los Angeles, telling the outlet that this helps her to choose which films she does and doesn't want to work on.

"I think that they have this misconception that porn is just silly and nobody puts any work into it," she explained.

And let's just say this is not your regular 9 to 5, with Ward adding: "We work about 16-hour days. I’d say about an hour and a half of that is sex.

"The rest is filming, the rest is shot, the rest is dialogue."

Like many other adult film actors, one of Ward's most important aspects of preparing for a shoot is around consent, something she believes Hollywood should learn about from the world of porn.

"Talking about it ahead of time, knowing what to expect out of the scene, knowing what your 'nos' and 'yeses' are, what you do and don't like," she continued.

She explained that there's a lot more to porn than just having sex.

Elaborating on the topic of misconceptions, she said: "There's a lot of work that goes into these films.

"I think if they're big fans, I think they would recognise that but I think to the greater world, it's not all 'pizza boy gets a blow job under the kitchen table while the husband is making coffee'."

Earlier this year, LADbible were lucky enough to catch up with Ward and find out why she sees trolls as just a different form of fans - an outlook she adopted from the set of her first acting gig.

"I think I am able to compartmentalise the trolls," she said.

"I was told once when I was on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, when I was young - 16, 17, 18 - I was told that when they counted the fan mail, they did not count negative or positive fan mail.

"They would only count the number of the letters, because you could have the most negative fan mail, but if you had people actually writing to say they hate your guts and you're trash and all this, they're invested in you, and they're watching you, and you've triggered something in them, and you have made them watch the show.

"So, I think a lot of the negative comments is people watching the show - even though they're doing it in a negative and twisted way, they're still fans, in a weird way."

She continued: "They're driving your numbers up too. It's amazing to me to hear when trolls actually buy everything you have.

"And then they hate you - but they're buying everything you have.

"Like, they'll come on any of my platforms - whether it be Deeper or whether it be my OnlyFans - and whenever a random troll comes on, it's like, 'You just purchased my stuff?!'"

As they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Featured Image Credit: @maitlandward/Instagram

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