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Margot Robbie shares secret of what actors are actually snorting during scenes in movie

Margot Robbie shares secret of what actors are actually snorting during scenes in movie

It's not really as glamorous as you might want to think

Margot Robbie has ruined Al Pacino's snorting Scarface scene for all of us as she reveals the secret substance actors usually take on set. Watch below to see Margot's character snort the Paramount logo:

Okay, we know Tony Montana wasn't actually snorting coke, but what is the fake stuff made of?

Margot says the substance is certainly 'not nice' and in her new film, Babylon, the characters get their hands dirty during Hollywood's old-school parties of the 1920s.

We get to see drugs being snorted off someone's naked body while Brad Pitt falls off a balcony.

Anyway, while doing some promotion for the film, The Wolf of Wall Street star told BuzzFeed what the secret 'cocaine looking' substance is that we see on screen.

Robbie's character loves to party.
Paramount Pictures

"So when you see cocaine in movies it's normally vitamin B powder or if you're not gonna actually be ingesting it it might be icing sugar or baby laxative sometimes," Margot told the publication.

"They do powdered baby laxatives," she added.

"Yeah it's not nice no."

The actor then talked about fake cigarettes and how they 'smell terrible'.

"Yeah so I've never smoked a real cigarette but I was chain smoking these fake cigarettes, that don't have nicotine in it they're herbal cigarettes, but they smell terrible and they taste awful.

"Yeah I was just chain smoking them because I needed to have a raspy voice."

Well, viewers have been shocked after watching the uncensored trailer for Babylon, which begins with Margot's character snorting the Paramount logo.

In the uncensored trailer, Margot's character is heard before she’s seen on screen.

Then comes the unnerving snorting sound as the familiar white stars around the mountain in the Paramount logo disappear one by one.

The character then goes into an impassioned speech about her career and how she’s destined for greatness. “It’s written in the stars! I am a star!” she proclaims.

Robbie plays Nellie LaRoy.

It’s fair to say people weren’t ready for what some have called ‘genius’ editing.

One Twitter user wrote: “The #Babylon trailer starts with two people snorting coke in the 1920s… and each snort takes away the Paramount logo."

They added: “It just gets crazier from there. I don’t know wtf it’s actually about, Damien Chazelle, but… I’ll admit: I’m curious.”

Another surprised viewer shared: “Does the sound of Margot Robbie snorting coke at the beginning of the Babylon trailer jump scare anyone else or is that just me.”

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/ Universal Pictures

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