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Mike Myers Returns As Shrek In New Netflix Series

Mike Myers Returns As Shrek In New Netflix Series

The comedian takes on a number of different roles in his series The Pentaverate

After four films and more than 20 years Mike Myers is back as the voice of Shrek in a new Netflix series titled The Pentaverate.

The Scottish accent belonging to the world's most beloved ogre would be recognisable anywhere, but of course is most at home in the four DreamWorks films alongside those of Donkey, Fiona and Puss in Boots.

It's been more than 12 years since we last saw Shrek in action in the third sequel Shrek Forever After and many of the film's fans have long since grown into adulthood, but Myers' most recent incarnation of the character proves Shrek will always be a fan favourite - as if there was any doubt of that.

The Pentaverate dropped on Netflix on Thursday (5 May) and sees Myers take on the role of numerous different characters as a Canadian journalist tries to uncover the truth about a society of five men who have controlled the world for hundreds of years.

Mike Myers is the voice of Shrek.

In one scene, one of Myers' characters finds himself in the path of a very tall, very angry looking beast and it quickly becomes clear there's only one fairytale creature who will be able to take him on.

Myers returns to the voice of Shrek for a cameo from the character, and while this version of Shrek appears to be more of a costume than the "real" thing, his voice is unmistakable.

"I've got this one laddy. I'm the real ogre... now get out of my swamp!," he says.

As if hearing Shrek's voice wasn't enough to please fans, his appearance is also accompanied by the sound of The Monkees song 'I'm A Believer' - one of the iconic tracks from the Shrek franchise.

See the Ogre's return below:

Needless to say, fans are excited about the nostalgic scene.

"NO FREAKING WAY! MIKE MYERS VOICED SHREK HIMSELF AGAIN! THE LEGENDARY ONION LOVING ORGE MEME LORD IS BACK! This is a clip of Mike Myers in his new Netflix series: (The Pentaverate) And it's just brings back nostalgic memories by just hearing his voice as Shrek again in 2022!," one excited fan wrote.

Another commented: "shrek shaking hands with Mike Myers is perhaps the most powerful scene I have seen in my life."

The Pentaverate has been met with mixed reactions, receiving a score of 25 percent on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer and an audience score of 66 percent, but the cameo from the green ogre definitely did its job in pleasing fans.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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