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People are only just realising Miss Honey actor is also in Bridget Jones’s Diary

People are only just realising Miss Honey actor is also in Bridget Jones’s Diary

Many people failed to spot Embeth Davidtz when she challenged Bridget

Check the date. Check your date of birth. Calculate that you are in fact 'today years old' when you realised that Miss Honey from Matilda is also in Bridget Jones's Diary.

I know what you're thinking - "But I've seen both of those films SO MANY TIMES! I can't possibly have gone this long without making the connection!"

Well, either that or: "Yeah, obviously, didn't everyone know that?"

Miss Honey was Matilda's kind teacher at school.
TriStar Pictures

The mere existence of the former group of people proves that no, not everyone knew that, and some people are still finding out to this day, 26 years after the release of Matilda and 21 years after the release of Bridget Jones's Diary.

Given that Matilda is both more child-friendly and older than Bridget Jones's Diary, most people would have probably first met actor Embeth Davidtz as she played the kindly school teacher who took Matilda under her wing. She was the reprieve the magical child needed from her apathetic family and brutal headteacher, and even went as far as to make Matilda her daughter. Spoiler alert, but it's 26 years old.

Davidtz appeared in Bridget Jones's Diary five years after Matilda.

Once we'd all grown up a bit we saw her again in Bridget Jones's Diary, but with darker hair and a less loveable role, it's easy to understand why she went under the radar.

Davidtz appeared in the film as Natasha; the colleague of Mark Darcy who ends up getting engaged to him, much to Bridget's chagrin.

The realisation has astounded many fans of the films, with one person announcing their surprise on Twitter when they learned of the familiar cast member a few weeks ago.

"How the f*ck have I only just clocked that Miss Honey from Matilda and Mark Darcy’s horrible snobby fiancée in Bridget Jones are the same person," they wrote.

Sharing the surprise, another Twitter user commented: "Can't believeeeeee Miss Honey is the snotty babe from Bridget Jones."

I think the fact that so many people went years without making the connection between Davidtz in the role of Miss Honey and Davidtz in the role of Natasha goes a long way to proving what a good actor she was; she really had us all fooled with her ability to turn from a sweet schoolteacher to the woman who stole Bridget's man.

Davidtz plays Mark Darcy's girlfriend in Bridget Jones's Diary.

With the revelation still taking place more than two decades on I imagine there'll still be lots of people who make the connection in the future. To save you some time, I'll just add that Davidtz's acting credits also include Schindler's List, Thir13en Ghosts, Scrubs, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mad Men, The Amazing Spider-Man, Grey's Anatomy and The Morning Show, among others.

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