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Song Called Boris Johnson Is A F***ing C*** Vying For Christmas Number One

Song Called Boris Johnson Is A F***ing C*** Vying For Christmas Number One

The Kunts will have to fend off Mariah Carey and Ladbaby

Simon Fearn

Simon Fearn

A song titled 'Boris Johnson Is A F***ing C***' is vying with Mariah Carey and Ladbaby for the Christmas Number One spot - having already climbed to No 2 in the UK iTunes charts.

Synthpop comedy act The Kunts - whose previous hits include 'Donald Trump Is A F***ing C***' and 'A Lovely W*** In A Travelodge' - face stiff competition from Ladbaby's 'Don't Stop Me Eatin'' (currently No 1 on iTunes) and Mariah Carey's 26-year-old Christmas tune 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

The song's lyrics are limited and to the point, with the track repeating 'Boris Johnson is a f***ing c***!/ He's a f***ing c***!/ He's a f***ing c***!' for one minute and 20 seconds. Tell us how you really feel!

The tune has the backing of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker, who shared a link to the track with the words 'Christmas No. 1' back in October.

Brooker has a knack for scarily accurate predictions - could he have called it this time too?

The song's presence in the charts has led to widespread embarrassment for radio presenters.

Yesterday (20 December), Radio 1 presenters Vick Hope and Katie Thistleton said: "Now at 19, we've got a track about Boris Johnson that has so many bad words in it, we can't play it on daytime Radio 1."

According to Mike Gibbons (the man behind The Kunts), the track features Ca***hole on guitar, Skidmark on bass and F***sticks on drums.

The band say they have plans to tour in 2021, providing any music venues survive that long following Covid-19 closures.

The album artwork for Kunts Punk In Your Face, which features 'Boris Johnson Is A F***ing C***'.
The Kunts

The Kunts will have to fend off Ladbaby to get the coveted festive No 1 title, which might prove tricky considering the sausage-roll-obsessed singer has bagged the title on each of the previous two years.

Their new single 'Don't Stop Me Eatin'' once again centres on the popular baked good, with proceeds going to food bank charity The Trussell Trust.

Featured Image Credit: The Kunts

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