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Radio 1 DJ who was pulled off air over comment ignores scandal as she finally breaks silence

Radio 1 DJ who was pulled off air over comment ignores scandal as she finally breaks silence

Arielle Free is back on the air after criticising another DJ's tune selection

A BBC Radio 1 DJ who was pulled off the air recently after being told to 'have some respect' when she criticised the song choice of another DJ has spoken out, but made no mention of the incident.

Arielle Free was removed from her guest slot on Radio 1's Ibiza show on 29 July by Charlie Hedges after saying she didn't like the songs which had been put into the set.

They'd been chatting on air but it sounded like Arielle had lost her voice a bit, with the DJ joking: "I sound great, don't I," which led Charlie to quip that she'd 'sounded better but it's okay'.

"Well [...] this is what happens. You play on Friday night, you play on Saturday day and then your voice just goes," Arielle then said, before the conversation took a turn it's not supposed to live on the radio.

"Can I be honest with you Charlie? I expected better of you," she then added.

Arielle Free is apparently not a fan of 'My Barn, My Rules'.

Her fellow DJ wanted to know what she meant by that comment, with Arielle replying that she 'don't like this song' before really going for the musical jugular by saying: "I hate it."


By the way, the song in question was HorsegiirL's 'My Barn, My Rules', and after Arielle said she hated it, Charlie decided that the song's title had laid out the course of action she could take.

Since it was her show and her rules, Charlie took the decision to pull Arielle off the air and gave her some marching orders.

"Sorry, I'm taking your mic down. It's my show, Arielle, have some respect please. This is Dance Anthems. Have some respect," the DJ said before giving Arielle the order to skedaddle.

"See you later, get out of here."

A spokesperson for BBC Radio 1 has previously told LADbible: "Whilst we would not comment on individual matters, we have strict codes of behaviour for staff and presenters, and any breaches are taken extremely seriously."

Now, taking to Instagram for the first time since getting booted off Charlie's show, Arielle didn't mention what had happened and instead stuck to what she was going to be doing.

The DJ has broken her silence since the incident, but is yet to address it directly.

She wrote: "Tonight on your radio its all things chilled in the run up to tomorrows Scottish Highers, advanced highers and national 5’s exam results. A time I remember all too well.

"The track selection tonight is designed to help take your mind away from how ever you may be feeling right now. So expect some soul soothers, mood boosters and loads more yumminess.

"Two whole hours of one big musical hug."

She also shared an old picture of herself from her school days, which she said was 'the only high school picture my mum ever bought' as she apparently had the knack for 'having terrible ones done every other year'.

Of course, while Arielle didn't mention you-know-what, plenty of others did as someone simply said 'it's a s**t song' while another joked 'Arielle's barn, Arielle's rules',

Someone else joked that 'Scottish banter clearly goes over people's heeds' while another reminded her 'no slating the last djs/presenters choons'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ariellefree

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