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Incredible moment England win live at The Killers show then goes straight into Mr Brightside

Incredible moment England win live at The Killers show then goes straight into Mr Brightside

"Please rise for the National Anthem."

It’s f**king coming home! The lads actually did it! We never doubted you for a second, promise…

Fans will be waking up buzzing this morning (11 July) - and perhaps a little hungover - after England beat the Netherlands 2-1 last night in the Euro 2024 semi-finals.

Captain Harry Kane scored us an equaliser in a penalty before the late sub Ollie Watkins banged one in right on the 90th minute.

And obviously, everyone absolutely lost it. Gareth Southgate and our Three Lions are through to the Euros final on Sunday (14 July) and we couldn’t be any happier.

As plenty of us celebrated in the pub or at the home, it was quite the experience for the audience at The Killers' concert.

The final moments were shown on screen. (X/@nikkiwicks)
The final moments were shown on screen. (X/@nikkiwicks)

The ‘Somebody Told Me’ rock band were playing at London's O2 Arena last night while the game was on in Germany.

While some fans were sneaking looks at their phone to keep up with the football during the show, the moment England won was shown on a huge screen on stage.

Despite The Killers being American, it seems they knew what their crowd would want in that moment and got pretty swept up in the match themselves.

The crowd cheered as the final whistle blew, confirming the lads will be playing Spain in the final and streamers filled the arena.

Absolute scenes. (X/@nikkiwicks)
Absolute scenes. (X/@nikkiwicks)

And then, in the perfect moment, the band began playing the absolute banger ‘Mr Brightside’.

Fans shared clips of the incredible vibes to X as users called it ‘absolutely brilliant’ and ‘so cool’.

“Damn this looks like the place to be,” one wrote

Another said: “I was there too. Was quite the moment. Brandon sitting on the stage with his back to the crowd, watching the screen.”

Others said watching the video gave them ‘goosebumps’ as one relatably put: “Somethings are memorable for your entire lifetime, I’ve had a few and wish this was one.”

Plenty said they would ‘have cried’ if they had been there. Although one joked: “I’d be p**sed, why’d they turn the TV off.”

Someone else also quipped: “Please rise for the National Anthem.”

The Killers actually received two Guinness World Records this week, in recognition of ‘Mr Brightside’. The song has achieved the record for the 'Most cumulative weeks on the UK singles chart (one song)' and the 'Longest stay on the UK singles chart by a group'.

By 4 July, 2024, the absolute banger (and now alternate England National Anthem) the banger has had 416 weeks in the Top 100 of the Official Singles Chart.

Featured Image Credit: X/@nikkiwicks

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