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Conspiracy theorists think Paul McCartney is part of the Illuminati after spotting gesture in interview

Conspiracy theorists think Paul McCartney is part of the Illuminati after spotting gesture in interview

A clip from the star's appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross has recently resurfaced online.

Conspiracy theorists think Paul McCartney once ‘showed his allegiance’ to the Illuminati whilst appearing on a British talk show.

The music icon himself has been the subject of a couple of conspiracy theories in his lifetime - the most famous of which is the ‘Paul is Dead’ legend.

Fans claim McCartney, 81, actually died at the height of Beatles mania in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. Wild, right?

Other fans believe that the songwriter is part of a top-secret society named the Illuminati - an accusation that has plagued him for years.

The mysterious group is known for their Eye of Providence symbol which depicts an eye set within a triangle and a ray of light.

It’s also said that members supposedly throw up these triangle signs here, there and everywhere.

Speaking of symbols, an interview with McCartney on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross has resurfaced online which seemingly shows the ‘Hey Jude’ singer making a triangle with his hands.

At the time of recording, the now 62-year-old welcomed the musician on stage with a choir rendition of 1963’s ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’

The Beatle has been the subject of a couple conspiracy theories during his life.

After greeting the audience and pretending to conduct the choir to its crescendo, McCartney sat down and threw his arms around before making a triangle shape with his fingers.

Upon watching the video, many X users believe that he is directly referencing the Illuminati’s famous symbol.

One social media user wrote: “Now that looked very conscious and deliberate.”

A second said: “You don’t achieve his level of fame without being part of the club.”

“Yeah that’s a very odd hand gesture now isn’t it?” another questioned.

Some viewers claim Paul McCartney made an 'Illuminati symbol' on television.

A fourth commented: “I see this more and more with celebrities. Did they sell their soul? For how much? WHY?”

However, one TikTok user has rubbished the claim and questioned why stars inducted into the club would do this.

“What would be the point? ‘Hey Paul, I know we control the world but you better throw up gang signs on entertainment news tonight’,” they wrote.

Another agreed and said: “He just loves triangles, come on.”

In 2018, McCartney again caused secret society speculation as fans believed he made a public pledge via X (then known as Twitter).

McCartney posted a cryptic symbol to social media in 2018, which was later revealed to be a promotion for his new album.

At the time, his social media profiles were wiped before he shared a strange drawing via his account.

The posted image was a hand-drawn depiction of a triangle shape surrounded by various semi-circles.

At the time, many thought that the hand-drawn image drew a close resemblance to The Eye of Providence - with one X user writing ‘Illuminati confirmed’.

Others believed it symbolised McCartney performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival.

However, it was later revealed that the symbol was just teasing his 17th solo record Egypt Station.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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