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Neil the baby from Gavin and Stacey still hasn’t touched a penny of his paycheck

Neil the baby from Gavin and Stacey still hasn’t touched a penny of his paycheck

The young actor has big dreams for his future after appearing in the show

It's been nearly 15 years since we were first introduced to Neil the baby on Gavin and Stacey, but the actor who played him still hasn't spent a penny of his paycheck.

If only I could be so disciplined.

To be clear, we're talking here about Oscar Hartland, one of three babies who played Neil in the third series of Gavin and Stacey.

Neil the baby returned for the 2019 reunion.

Oscar also played Neil in the reunion episode of the show, which aired over Christmas in 2019.

The young actor is now 14-years-old, and all grown up from the tiny child he was when fans first met him.

He would have received a number of payments for his appearances in the show, but since he was a literal baby with no concept of bank accounts when he first got into acting, Oscar's parents kept the money safe for him.

Now that he's 14, Oscar is keen to spend the cash but his parents have decided to hang on to it until he's a little bit older.

Speaking to Metro, the teen admitted: "If I could crack the safe open then I’d buy a recording studio."

It might sound like quite a wild purchase, but the studio could help Oscar grow in his dream career of becoming a singer.

Unfortunately, his mum thinks he might have a bit of work to do before he can go around buying recording studios, saying: "You may have to record a few more episodes to afford that."

Oscar isn't opposed to that idea, though, as he said it would be 'cool' to take part in another Gavin and Stacey reunion.

"If they wanted me to do it I would do it. Neil should have a dark turn. He has always been very likeable, so that would be fun," Oscar said.

Oscar is now 14-years-old.

His mum also has ideas for the future of Neil the baby, with Oscar explaining: "She thinks Neil should do music, and Nessa should be his manager."

For now, though, Oscar is pursuing music in the real world by performing on The Voice Kids with his rock band Redwood City.

The teen got into music about two years ago, when he started singing in a band with three friends and performing in their local area of Caerphilly, South Wales.

After making it through the first round on The Voice Kids, Oscar chose McFly star Danny to be his mentor.

He has big dreams for his future, including hoping to go on a world tour with his band.

He doesn't want to leave acting behind altogether, though, adding: "I like both equally. I’d love to do a Star Wars movie."

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