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Netflix Offers Employees One Amazing Perk Any Worker Would Be Jealous Of

Netflix Offers Employees One Amazing Perk Any Worker Would Be Jealous Of

And we're not just talking about free subscription

Other than access to some of the best TV and films out there, Netflix offers its employees an incredible perk that will make you even more jealous of the people who work there. 

The streaming giant was named as one of Forbes’ World’s Best Employers last year, and for good reason. 

Did you know that anyone who takes up full-time employment at Netflix gets unlimited holiday? Yes, you read that right. 

Referred to as the ‘No Vacation Policy’, the idea is that it’s up to the staff members to decide how much time they want to take off and when. 

Working for Netflix comes with its perks.

But that doesn’t mean the Netflix offices are running empty all year as their employees chill in the sun. 

Working in entertainment means working irregular hours – this is no 9-to-5, clock-in-clock-out situation. 

Netflix adopts more of a flexible approach, in that it’s more about the work you’ve done rather than the hours you’ve put in. 

As said in the streamer’s work/life policy, they believe in ‘providing the resources that will alleviate distractions’ and ‘allowing people to do their best work’. 

The site states: “Our vacation policy is ‘take vacation’ and we actually do. Frankly, we intermix work and personal time quite a bit. 

Unlimited holiday doesn't mean you'll be doing this ALL year round.

“Time away works differently at Netflix. We don’t have a prescribed 9-to-5 workday, so we don’t have prescribed time off policies for salaried employees, either. 

“We don’t set a holiday and vacation schedule, so you can observe what’s important to you – including when your mind and body need a break. 

“We believe in working smarter, not harder.”

All that being said, employees would obviously have to use their discretion - if you take a holiday at the worst time possible you could just jeopardise your work. 

This was outlined by The Infographics Show on YouTube, which said: “While Netflix doesn’t have traditional seasons like network TV does, where the fall season and sweeps weeks can determine whether a CEO keeps their job, some times are much more critical than others. 

The streaming giant takes a flexible approach to work.

“If Netflix is about to do a full-court press for a new announcement, that’s probably not the time for the head of the PR department to take a vacation. 

“And no one wants a customer service agent to be on vacation when the latest season of Stranger Things just caused the servers to overload.”

Even so, it’s a great benefit to the job, and one that reflects the increasing flexibility of the work environment in recent years. 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Techno/YouTube

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