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'Broken' Netflix viewers all in agreement about kid’s acting in new series based on tragic true story

'Broken' Netflix viewers all in agreement about kid’s acting in new series based on tragic true story

The show has been hailed for it's casting choices

When a new show drop, there are generally mixed reactions to how the audience perceives the storyline and acting abilities.

However, everyone is in agreement with how brilliant this Netflix banger is because of its young protagonist.

Based on a tragic true story, this show is a seven-part limited series set in Brisbane in 1985.

The new addition to Netflix's Top 10 TV Programmes is called Boy Swallows Universe and it follows Eli Bell (Felix Cameron) and his older brother, Gus (Tiger Halley) as they navigate middle school and the dark world of addiction.

The kids live with their mother Frankie (Phoebe Tonkin), who is battling addiction, and their stepdad, Lyle (Travis Fimmel).

Eli then gets into the criminal underworld in a bid to find out what his stepdad is up to which is where the story gets emotional.

Book adaptations sometimes get a bad look in but Trent Dalton's story, which was inspired by his own childhood, is what makes the series so griping and real.

And fans of the show have hailed this as a '10/10 watch', mostly due to Cameron’s acting ability which showcases an amazing range of emotions and sincerity.

The series has been highly rated by viewers after it dropped this year.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) one fan wrote: "I power watched Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix last night, after becoming transfixed.

"The actors shine but Felix Cameron as young Eli Bell is phenomenal. That kid is going places."

Another person said: “Boy swallows universe, In 1980s Brisbane, a precocious boy and his selectively mute brother embark on a suburban odyssey of love, redemption and retribution after their family is torn apart by a drug lord.

“I can only recommend you.”

A third commented: “Boy swallows universe. Netflix. Just watched episode one. The wee guy in it is outstanding. Looking very promising.

“Here endeth my review.”

A fourth added: "Boy Swallows Universe is SO DAMN GOOD.

"One of the best shows this country has produced. I’m finding it extremely hard not to swallow it in one gulp.


"Gonna take it one day at a time. The lead fella is beyond brilliant.

"Congrats to everyone involved. 5 star SUBLIME."

While another commenter had nothing but great things to say about Cameron, writing: "Felix Cameron in #BoySwallowsUniverse needs to be talked about CONSTANTLY. This is an absolutely remarkable breakout performance.

"The “I’ve got a whole lot of tears inside of me” scene in episode 1 just broke me. "Absolutely broke me."

But it’s not Cameron’s first rodeo in the spotlight as the Aussie actor had previously starred in 2020s Penguin Bloom, which starred The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and Naomi Watts in an emotional tale about a family on the brink of breaking down after Watt’s character becomes paralyzed after a fall.

Cameron played their son, Rueben, and it’s also a gut-wrenching yet heart-warming watch.

The 14-year-old is definitely going places.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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