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Netflix viewers urged to watch '10/10' series based on tragic true story

Netflix viewers urged to watch '10/10' series based on tragic true story

The new Netflix series is adapted from one of Trent Dalton’s iconic novels.

Netflix viewers are being urged to watch a new '10/10' series based on tragic true story.

The new edition to Netflix's Top 10 TV Programmes is a seven-part limited series set in a dusty suburb in Brisbane in 1985.

The show follows middle schooler Eli Bell (Felix Cameron) and his older brother, Gus (Tiger Halley), who live in a working class neighbourhood with their mother Frankie (Phoebe Tonkin) - who suffers from addiction - and their stepdad, Lyle (Travis Fimmel).

Whilst Eli's got it tough with school bullies and his stepdad, he’s also being mentored by a warmhearted convicted felon (Frances Brown) and a pen pal serving jail time (Adam Briggs).

In trying to find out what his stepdad is really up to, Eli takes the wrong path and gets mixed up in the criminal underbelly of his town. You can see the trailer here:

Titled Boy Swallows Universe, the series already has a solid 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 8/10 on IMDb.

But some fans have also gone on step further, giving it a 10/10 whilst calling it 'beautiful, brilliant and uplifting'.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) one fan wrote: "I power watched Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix last night, after becoming transfixed.

Boy Swallows Universe is based on the 2018 book of the same name.

"It has a fantastic storyline & keeps you on the brink of tears and in stitches laughing

"The actors shine but Felix Cameron as young Eli Bell is phenomenal. That kid is going places."

Another added: "Boy Swallows Universe is SO DAMN GOOD.

"One of the best shows this country has produced. I’m finding it extremely hard not to swallow it in one gulp.

"Gonna take it one day at a time. The lead fella is beyond brilliant.

"Congrats to everyone involved. 5 star SUBLIME."

Boy Swallows Universe is streaming on Netflix now.

"Boy Swallows Universe - the Netflix drama is beautiful, brilliant and uplifting. Well done @TrentDalton and @johncolee - thank you," a third agreed.

"I just binge-watched Boy Swallows Universe over two nights! I absolutely loved it, and I couldn't stop watching it," a fourth also tweeted.

"I felt a range of emotions. Love, pride, fear, laughter & tears, as I could relate to some of it. 10 out of 10. Congrats to the writer, producer and fabulous cast!"

And someone else took to Netflix Bangers to write: "Phenomenal!!!! And what a perfect ending!!!!! I’m in love!!!!"

The series is actually adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name by author and journalist Trent Dalton and the story was inspired by Dalton’s childhood.

Boy Swallows Universe is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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