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Terrifying Netflix haunted house movie is now #1 in UK and it's unlocking 'a new fear'

Terrifying Netflix haunted house movie is now #1 in UK and it's unlocking 'a new fear'

The horror movie has ignited a new fear in viewers

A horror movie currently sits at #1 on Netflix UK, and it has ignited a new fear among its viewers.

The film was released in 2019, but only just made its way onto Netflix this week.

It hasn't taken long for it to leave an impression on viewers, who are already raving about the movie online.

One terrified viewers said it was giving them 'anxiety on the highest scale', and it boasts a respectable 70 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, what's got everyone so worked up?

The film is full of gore, violence and chainsaws.
Momentum Pictures

The film is called Haunt, and it follows a group of friends who encounter an off-grid haunted house attraction on Halloween.

We as the viewer know something's off pretty quickly, but it takes a while for the penny to drop that they might not be making it out of this alive.

Faking It's Katie Stevens stars as Harper, along with Kong: Skull Island's Will Brittain as Nathan as part of the ensemble cast.

The film is full of torture scenes, scary clowns and not to mention, extreme violence. Everything you need in a good horror film.

But the movie has managed to unlock a new fear in viewers.

That is, in addition to some of the brutal murdering, chasing, and darkness that plays its part throughout the picture.

The new fear that has been unlocked for many viewers is haunted house attractions, after the film demonstrated how one can quickly turn deadly.

Throughout the film, there are a number of items and scenes that could unlock a new fear in you, with the masks being some of the most unnerving horror monsters you'd have seen in recent times.

Masks in the haunted house are out to get the main characters in Haunt.
Momentum Pictures

Viewers have been quick to show their approval of the film on X, formerly Twitter.

One user said: "Love a horror movie me currently sat watching Haunt on Netflix it's giving me anxiety oh the highest scale, unlocked a new fear of horror houses."

Another commented: "Well Haunt on Netflix is pretty terrifying isn’t it"

A third said: "Just re-watched Haunt on Netflix, I remember watching it years back, it's such a good watch!"

So if you're already counting down the days to spooky season, feel free to hop over to Netflix and give its latest horror a watch.

It's not one for the faint-hearted.

Featured Image Credit: Monument Pictures

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