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Maya Hawke updates Stranger Things fans on expected released date for final season's 'movie length' episodes

Maya Hawke updates Stranger Things fans on expected released date for final season's 'movie length' episodes

Netflix fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the fifth and final series of Stranger Things

Maya Hawke has given an update on the highly anticipated fifth season of Stranger Things.

Hawke, the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, stars as Robin Buckley in the well-loved TV series and joined the cast in the third season.

Now, as the fifth (and sadly final) season is neigh, some of the people behind Stranger Things have been teasing what fans can expect.

Late last year, the creators of the show, Matt and Ross Duffer, said season five will be like the first season 'on steroids'.

Sitting down with The Guardian, Matt told the news outlet: "It’s the biggest it’s ever been in terms of scale, but it has been really fun, because everyone’s back together in Hawkins: the boys and Eleven interacting more in line with how it was in season one.

"And, yes, there may be spin-offs, but the story of Eleven and Dustin and Lucas and Hopper, their stories are done here. That’s it."

Now Hawke, 25, has given some further insight into what Netflix fans can expect from Stranger Things 5.

Maya Hawke plays Robin Buckley in Stranger Things. (Netflix)
Maya Hawke plays Robin Buckley in Stranger Things. (Netflix)

Speaking on Penn Badgley's Podcrushed podcast, the Inside Out 2 star said that the show has been 'a little bit cursed' in the wake of the pandemic and the SAG-AFTRA strike starting just as production began for the final season.

"Our showrunners, Matt and Ross [Duffer], take a lot of responsibility," Hawke went on. "They're very intense about the quality of the continued writing.

"It takes a long time to write each season, and it takes a long time to shoot them - we're basically making eight movies.

"The episodes are very long."

Hawke went on to confirm that there will be eight episodes in the season and that it takes a year to shoot them all.

While Hawke didn't give a lot away about the plot itself, her co-star Gaten Matarazzo has shared what he'd like to happen in the final season and suggested that more people should be killed off.

"This show would be so much better if the stakes were much higher, like at any moment, any of these kids can kick it," he said at the convention, according to CBR, before going on to say he felt like the main cast of Stranger Things were 'all too safe'.

The same can't be said for Eddie Munson [Joseph Quinn] however, who tragically died at the end of season four.

It has been teased that Eddie will somehow make a comeback for the last season though...

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