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Netflix star Felix Cameron reveals 'weird' souvenir he kept from Boy Swallows Universe set

Netflix star Felix Cameron reveals 'weird' souvenir he kept from Boy Swallows Universe set

Not every souvenir is sunshine and rainbows

The star of Netflix hit Boy Swallows Universe has revealed the gross memento he took from set.

It has only been on Netflix for a matter of days, but viewers already can't get enough of the '10/10' Australian comedy-drama.

The series - which is based on a heartbreaking true story - is set in 1985 and follows Eli Bell and his family through a seven-part limited series.

Set in the Aussie city of Brisbane, it's quickly become one of Netflix's Top 10 television programmes following Eli and his older brother Gus (Lee Tiger Halley) as they move through their school years and encounter the sinister world of addiction.

Eli is played by three actors in Felix Cameron, Zac Burgess and Aude Ryan. All three play the lead role at different ages, with his story following that in Trent Dalton's critically-acclaimed 2018 book of the same name.

It is Cameron who has captured the audience's attention, with fans waxing lyrical over the youngster's performance.

Labelling it a '10/10 watch', fans said they become 'transfixed' when tuning in.

One fan said: "I power watched Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix last night, after becoming transfixed.

"The actors shine but Felix Cameron as young Eli Bell is phenomenal. That kid is going places."

Felix Cameron in Boy Swallows Universe.

Cameron, 14, is very much at the beginning of his career. His only other acting credit is down as starring in 2020 drama Penguin Bloom opposite Hollywood royalty in Naomi Watts and Andrew Lincoln.

The teen played their son, Rueben, in a powerful performance that follows a sombre and heart-warming story.

His youth and inexperience in the industry hasn't stopped him from taking mementos when the opportunity arises. Who wouldn't want something to remember something as good as this, after all?

OK, spoiler alert.

The core cast of Boy Swallows Universe.

Episode two of the Boy Swallows Universe sees Eli lose a finger as he is mutilated by a thug.

And the series shows it all, with Cameron's acting as Eli incredibly raw to the point where you wouldn't be out of place to question if he was actually being hurt.

For Cameron, the scene saw him land a rather unique prop to take home.

Yes, he is the proud owner of his own chopped off fake finger.

And where does he keep it? In a plastic bag on top of his chest of drawers, of course.

Speaking to Punkee, he said: “They chucked a fake finger on the top... and it feels really weird when you feel [it] coming off.

“It was realistic [and] a bit scary... then they’ll say ‘Cut!’ and [the thug] would say, ‘Sorry, did that hurt you?’

“I’ve actually got it on top of my chest of drawers at home… in a little plastic bag."

That's bound to leads to some questions, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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