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Netflix fans divided over '10/10' thriller with famous cast and high Rotten Tomatoes score

Netflix fans divided over '10/10' thriller with famous cast and high Rotten Tomatoes score

Viewers aren't sure how they feel about the Netflix film

A Netflix film with a starry cast and stellar Rotten Tomatoes film doesn't have everyone convinced, with some branding it 'boring' and 'terrible'.

It's the latest Netflix flick to split viewers after this year's Leave the World Behind - some couldn't stop thinking about it, while others all had the same complaint.

A 2019 sci-fi film - which boasted a cast including Hilary Swank, Rose Byrne and Luke Hawker - proved equally divisive.

Critics called it an incredible film.

The 2019 sci-fi thriller is an intelligent story about a dystopian future.

While many loved it, including the trustworthy folks at Rotten Tomatoes who gave it an 89 percent critics' score, others weren’t so sure.

Noel Murray, a reviewer for the Los Angeles Times, wrote: “It's an exciting film to watch, but an even better one to think about after - preferably in the company of a real, physically present person.”

Meanwhile, The Age's Karl Quinn said: “It's rich material, handled brilliantly by first-time feature director Grant Sputore, a West Australian, working from an intelligently wrought screenplay from American Michael Lloyd-Green.”

The movie is called I Am Mother, and you can watch the nail-biting trailer below:

The film's logline reads: “In the wake of humanity's extinction, a teenage girl is raised by a robot designed to repopulate the earth.

"But their unique bond is threatened when an inexplicable stranger arrives with alarming news.”

Even though it received a 10/10 from a lot of viewers, there were those who couldn’t shake the unrealistic storyline and ‘predictable twists’.

Viewers on Facebook took to the comments of the group Netflix Bangers to share their honest thoughts about the sci-fi film.

I Am Mother has been dubbed a brilliant sci-fi film, but not everyone agrees.

While many praised it to high heavens, others flatly deemed the flick as ‘boring’ or a ‘terrible movie’, with another giving it a measly 6/10.

Responding to a post that labelled the movie 10/10, one viewer said: "No. Just not that great."

Another added: "Ehhh…. It's OK."

But where there is negativity, there’s overwhelming positivity.

Most commenters gushed about how much they loved the movie, and while some begged for a part 2, others felt that it ended in an interesting way and didn’t need further clarification.

Another even said they found it a more satisfying watch than Leave The World Behind, writing: "Yes now that’s a good movie that tells a good story and no deers running through it."

If you fancy checking out I Am Mother for yourself, it's available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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